Kingsdown Unveils Updated Sleep Smart Mattress at Winter Las Vegas Market

Kingsdown continues to stand at the forefront of bedding science and technology with the unveiling of its newly remodeled Sleep Smart system at the winter Las Vegas Market. Retailing for approximately $5,999 in queen, the updated Sleep Smart uses sleep diagnostics and technology to identify a consumer’s proper support level and create a truly individualized sleep surface.

“For years Kingsdown has been known for providing mattresses designed using data from our innovative research to help provide a restorative night’s rest and more retailers and consumers are starting to understand the concept and benefits behind the ‘science of sleep’,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “Sleep Smart is our most innovative product to date. When we set out to improve and update it, we listened carefully to the input provided by our dealers on how to make it even better and the result is a top-notch product with a more accessible starting price point that makes it even more saleable for our retailers.”

Engineered using more than a decade’s worth of research from the Sleep to Live Institute, Sleep Smart provides health benefits for the 75% of mattress buying consumers that struggle with back pain. With adjustable lumbar and optimal postural support, this unique sleep surface offers pressure relief unlike any other spring, foam or air mattress available.

The command center of the mattress allows consumers to individually customize each side of the bed to the level recommended by Kingsdown’s patented diagnostic system. Once a diagnostic sleep analysis determines recommended support needs, consumers can adjust their side of the mattress using Sleep Smart’s independently operated hand-held remote control. The mattress’ unique construction features three adjustable support zones across the center of the bed, including a redefined lumbar region to relieve pressure on the lower back.

New this market is the Sleep Smart iOS app, which enables custom control to both sides of the bed with the click of a button. The optional app also controls the Bluetooth-enabled adjustable base option, which comes with a Zero Gravity feature to help to ensure a better night’s sleep.

Experience Kingsdown’s full bedding portfolio in showroom B-1300 at the Las Vegas Market.