Kingsdown Returns to High Point With New Showroom

Kingsdown, Inc. is headed back to High Point this spring with a new, 7,800-square-foot showroom. The newly remodeled space will showcase the latest sleep technology and products geared to help retailers differentiate themselves against competition in their local markets.

The key to Kingsdown’s strategy will put the spotlight on its innovative bedMATCH system, with an expanded display adorning the front end of the new showroom. With more than 10 million consumers who have used the diagnostic system to help them find the right mattress, bedMATCH is a leading diagnostic tool that not only raises average unit selling prices for retailers, but also provides them with a trove of information about their customers and how they can improve the efficiency of their selling floors.

Additionally, the company’s highly successful Passions and Downton Abbey lines will be spotlighted as unique selling propositions that can help retailers distinguish their selling floors.

The Passions Collection is comprised of 18 models, made with a variety of constructions and comfort feels. Designed to fill a void in the marketplace, the Passions Collection offers high-performance mattresses at competitive price points that range from $699 to $1,699. The line includes models with features like the cooling benefits of unique gel engineered components; a unique coil system for increased contoured support; as well as Kingsdown’s superior tailoring and designer euro-styling to create a chic, fashionable look.

Kingsdown’s Downton Abbey Collection is a 13-bed premium luxury sleep line-up divided into three tiers, with pricies ranging from $1,699 to $4,999. The six entry-level bed feature ultra-durable innerspring support with specialty foam for enhanced comfort. Tailored for a more masculine aesthetic, these beds feature traditional houndstooth border fabrics that evoke an English manor lifestyle. The three mid-level beds feature the personalized support of individually wrapped coils with the added conformance from memory foam and feature exquisite lace borders. Finally, the four top-tier beds feature 1,791 wrapped coils for outstanding support with the sumptuous comfort of natural fibers plus latex and gel infused memory foam. All models within the collection are available in support, luxury and pillowtop constructions.

“We are returning to High Point after nearly a decade because of changing market conditions that make our presence there more viable. Increasingly, independent sleep shops and furniture retailers see our distinct product mix as a way for them to differentiate their offerings in the market. When they add our diagnostic system to the mix, the see average unit selling prices rise dramatically,” said Kingsdown President & CEO Frank Hood. “But many of these independents still don’t travel to Las Vegas, so High Point presents us with an opportunity to work with them.”