Kingsdown Rebrands and Revamps Various Mattress Collections

Kingsodown, Inc. has made changes to its existing lines include the rebranding of Kingsdown’s My Side® collection and Blu-Tek gel collection.

The My Side mattress collection has been rebranded as Sleep to Live, reflecting the name of the company’s research arm, The Sleep to Live Institute. The change will be showcased with lighted Sleep to Live POP headboards. bedMATCH™ diagnostic technology used to recommend the best Sleep to Live mattress will also feature a new element, now able to calculate either a dual firmness option or a blended recommendation for consumers who want a mattress with one core. Helping consumers identify their best bed, Kingsdown created the “Sling Shot,” where mattresses will light up on the showroom floor when recommended by bedMATCH.

Kingsdown’s successful Blu-Tek line, which showcases the best in gel and airflow technology, will feature new fabrics and colors that extend beyond the collection’s signature Carolina Blue. Eye-catching POP displays will also be available to support retail partners. The Blu-Tek POP uses vivid graphics on a lighted headboard along with pillow protectors intended to capture the consumers’ attention and showcase Kingdown’s brand messaging.

Finally, Kingsdown’s well-appointed Tradition® line featuring a new multi-dimensional fabric application. The new application creates a multi-colored and textured look for an even more luxurious look and feel. Honoring its visionary and creator, Kingsdown Product Stylist Joyce Handley, the Tradition mattresses featuring the new look will be known as the “Handley Collection.”

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