Kingsdown Prepares To Produce Hospital Beds

Luxury bedding brand Kingsdown is positioning its mattress production capabilities to manufacture beds for use in health care facilities, temporary health care outposts and treatment facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The changeover has been completed to produce hospital beds in the company’s factory in Mebane; Toronto, Ontario; and Shawinigan, Quebec in Canada.

“We have surveyed our production capabilities, audited our inventory, and determined that Kingsdown can, and will, convert our manufacturing over to hospital and emergency-care grade beds,” said Frank Hood, chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “We’re reaching out to the hospital systems throughout North America to assess their needs to ensure we can meet them during this public health crisis.”

Kingsdown has expanded its capabilities to help meet current demand for treatment and recovery beds. Changes include expedited production of its Care Xpress program, which includes medical-grade mattresses and specialized motion bed frames. The new program includes the Medical Vinyl Xpress Mattress, which is available in three profile heights, and the Motion Care Xpress adjustable base with side rails.

The mattress features a poly core covered in a medical vinyl that is flame resistant and features anti-fungal properties. The adjustable bed base is crafted of melamine and steel and accommodates a variety of positions for optimum comfort. In addition to the adjustability of the bed, the base features telescoping legs for three different height positions – 9, 11 and 13 inches.

The company has reached out to its suppliers to procure approved components needed to make sure the beds feature anti-microbial properties and are hospital-grade compliant. Kingsdown is committed to providing mattresses that will meet safety and healthcare standards, and will function with the adjustable beds in medical centers.
“For a company whose core values are comfort, support and well-being, it’s a natural move for us to help out any way we can,” Hood added.


About Kingsdown: Kingsdown, Inc., founded in 1904 in Mebane, North Carolina, is a manufacturer of premium mattress systems serving leading retailers across the United States and more than 20 countries. Each product is manufactured using handcrafted techniques combined with state-of-the-art materials and equipment. Research and development, training, manufacturing and distribution facilities are headquartered in Mebane. International offices are located in Tokyo, Japan and Melbourne, Australia. Canadian manufacturing and distribution are based in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Waco, Texas; Winchester, Virginia; Lakeland, Florida; Stockton, California; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Shenzhen, China; Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Australia. In 2018, The Kingsdown Group was formed through the acquisition of Zedbed International, a leading foam mattress manufacturer, and the merger of Owen & Company with Kingsdown, Inc. to form one of the largest and fastest growing sleep technology groups in North America.