Kingsdown Highlights Elegant Styling and “Farm To Home” Luxury With Two New Collections

Kingsdown is unveiling two new sumptuous mattress collections at the Summer Las Vegas Market, providing retailers with high-quality materials and unique selling stories at a range of price points. A “masterful blend of romance and refinement,” the 13-bed “Downton Abbey Home” by Kingsdown Collection evokes the grandeur of the Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series and lifestyle brand. Kingsdown will also be launching the Diamond Royale, an exciting new addition to the premium category and the company’s first “farm to home” mattress collection.

New Downton Abbey Home Collection Exudes Romance and Refinement

The Downton Abbey Home by Kingsdown Collection features the best of modern sleep science and the same high-quality materials and detailing for which Kingsdown is known. Bold fabrics such as English lace, hunter’s leather, and chenille with hounds tooth print were incorporated into the design to appeal to men and women. With an unparalleled attention to detail from design to construction, each handcrafted mattress a testament to timeless quality and artistry.

“This is one of the most exciting product launches in our company’s history,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “Downton Abbey, although a fictional television series, shares a number of qualities important to the Kingsdown brand such as legacy, honor, and high-luxury. We took inspiration from the sophisticated and stately fashion and décor featured on the show and incorporated them into our most exquisite product introduction to date.”

Ranging in price from $1,699 to $4,999 in queen, the new collection include 13 premium luxury sleep sets divided into three tiers—each of which are available in support, luxury and pillowtop constructions. The three entry-level models feature ultra-durable innerspring support with specialty foam for enhanced comfort. Tailored for a masculine aesthetic, these beds feature traditional hounds tooth border fabrics that evoke an English manor lifestyle. Three mid-level beds feature the two-sided personalized support of individually wrapped coils with the added conformance from memory foam. Styled to suit the refined tastes of the sophisticated British aristocracy, these mattresses feature exquisite lace borders.

In the top-tier of the collection, the company offers two pillowtop constructions in addition to the support and luxury options. Each top-of-the-line bed is made with 1,791 wrapped coils for outstanding support, along with the sumptuous comfort of natural fibers plus latex and gel infused memory foam. These sophisticated beds combine the ruggedness of leather with the delicacy of lace for a stately look that will stand out on the showroom floor.

“Just as Downton Abbey is known for its elegant and classic style,” said Kevin Damewood, Kingsdown Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “this new mattress collection is designed to capture the essence of and bring relaxation to any sleeper.”

“Farm to Home” Luxury With New Diamond Royale Collection

Built in Mebane, NC, the three-bed Diamond Royale line-up features the finest sustainable materials and luxurious, handcrafted detailing.

“Retailer and consumer demand for luxury sleep products made from natural materials is on the rise. When sourcing the wool for this collection, we looked no further than our own back yard and met with several North Carolina farmers who shared our vision in making a product that’s in harmony with nature,” said Hood. “We are extremely excited to introduce Diamond Royale to the industry.”

For this collection Kingsdown carefully selected a number of local sheep farms in the area to procure its wool. The farms raise sheep that are fed a diet of natural grains, without any chemicals or steroids. Blended with natural cotton, the wool fibers add high performance cushioning for enhanced pressure relief and comfort. These simple materials are combined with steel and wood, without artificial foams or glues, to create naturally luxurious, timeless sleep sets. The three-model line-up includes the Sophisticate, Extravagance, and the Royal Opulence and ranges in price from $5,000–$15,000 in queen sets.

Diamond Royal’s hand-tied innerspring construction is designed to provide support between the layers of wool and cotton cushioning. Each coil is individually wrapped in unbleached cotton to support every contour of the body for a healthy rest. Its hand-tufted sleep surface secures the fabric layers beneath to increase comfort and prevent shifting and features a unique, vertically stitched border fabric.

“Each mattress is built by a team of master craftsman who construct these distinctive styles to provide a luxurious sleep experience,” said Damewood. “Like all the products in the portfolio, every bed is individually tested to ensure Kingsdown’s exacting quality standards. Every stitch, every detail is carefully considered, so the end result is more than a mattress—it’s a masterpiece.”

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