Kingsdown Focuses on Design with Updated Fabrics and Components

Kingsdown, Inc. is updating its mattress collections by adding more avante garde fabrics, luxuriously styled borders, high-quality tufting, vertical coil-on-coil zoning and the newest innovations in latex to three of its key Kingsdown lines at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The new designs are considered to be the largest line overhaul Kingsdown has ever engineered.

At the top of the line, the brand is re-launching the Kingsdown Handley Collection that it classifies as a “unique, high luxury, designer line,” featuring a stylish, proprietary application of lace over contrasting high quality fabrics. Its exquisite tailoring, luxurious upholstery, hand-made, zoned, high-density wrapped coil units and premium components within the mattress offer a one-of-a-kind look with the comfort for which Kingsdown is known. The Handley Collection utilizes over 2,000 tri-zoned, wrapped coils in its foundation, adding another level of durability to the collection. With price points that range from $7,999 to $9,999 in queen, Kingsdown believes the Handley Collection will help it re-emerge as a leader in the ultra luxury mattress category by providing the best in comfort and style at affordable luxury prices.

Next is Kingsdown Traditions, which presents a fresh styling approach to the company’s luxury mattresses. Featuring new, exquisite woven fabrics, hand tufting, assorted luxury hypo-allergenic fibers, the collection leverages the latest offerings in latex components to provide a “step-up story” the consumer will see and feel. Priced at $2,999 to $7,999 in queen, the new Traditions lineup presents high-end Kingsdown luxury at more affordable price points.

The company’s Kingsdown Select is a luxury collection of latex mattresses adorned in designer woven fabrics to present a more traditional look. Six key models are shown on the company’s proprietary “progressive foam core,” which offers unique air flow, more motion separation and maintains its original firmness significantly better than all other mattress brands. Kingsdown Select leverages new latex components including slow recovering latex with visco memory foam and latex with gel and even graphite. This line will carry retail prices of $2,299 to $4,999 in queen.

At every price point, Kingsdown Passions stands up to its competition by offering the consumer key points of differentiation in materials and price. Passions boasts more coils than any other brand, more than doubling the number of earlier models to 1,791. The line is designed to fill a void in the marketplace, offering high-performance mattresses at middle-market price points. Kingsdown has expanded the collection with new models featuring the cooling benefits of unique gel engineered components, such as gel-infused fibers and foams. The line also features a unique coil system for increased contoured support, as well as superior tailoring and designer euro styling to create a hip, fashionable look. With 18 models, it is one of the company’s largest lines with a variety of constructions, comfort feels and competitive price points ranging from $699 to $2,099 in queen.

“The new introductions and the retrofitting of some of our legacy lines came out through dialogue with our dealers who, interestingly enough, asked us to be more like the Kingsdown of yore, when we were known for luxury and only using the finest materials and constructions,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “While over the past 20 years we might have diverted from this strategy, we are returning to what our brand has historically stood for. We believe this news returns luster to the brand.”