Kingsdown Focuses on “Change” at 2014 Las Vegas Market

Kingsdown, Inc. is focusing on being a catalyst for change in the bedding industry at the Summer Las Vegas Market. The 110-year-old mattress company is featuring enhanced models of its technology-based sleep systems, as well as its new legacy product offerings that have performed well in the marketplace since they were unveiled during winter market.

“The mattress industry is undergoing a huge transformation,” said Kingsdown Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Damewood. “This change is being driven by technology, research and the needs of the consumer. These drivers are impacting not only the way people shop for mattresses but the selling process that takes place in a showroom. Since the launch of our new products, Kingsdown is proving to be a catalyst for this change by how well our new products are performing in the marketplace.”

Summer market represents the continued expansion of Kingsdown’s newest product lines, which are generating revenue growth with both legacy accounts and diagnostic retailers. Highlights of the Kingsdown product portfolio:

Enhanced Diagnostic Systems

Kingsdown’s patented intelligent Sleep Smart system features a sophisticated combination of components, technology and automated sensors designed to measure and respond with the body’s ergonomics and movement to support sleep and wellness. Sleep Smart’s active response technology has the ability to learn a person’s body and adjust to it on its own throughout the night. Some of the new enhancements it brings to market include improved comfort, updated engineering, and an enriched app with retail presentation experience.

Kingsdown is the pioneer behind the unique bedMATCH Diagnostic System, designed to transform the retail experience and streamline the mattress buying process. The patented diagnostic system provides a color-coded recommendation for customers, making it easier for retailers to direct them to the mattress with the optimal postural support best suited for their body type and sleeping position.

Broader Product Portfolio

Kingsdown’s elegant Haute Couture collection offers precise hand-tailoring and tufting by deeply skilled master craftsmen, upscale Parisian-chic styling, hypoallergenic components, and multifaceted vertically zoned coil systems with thousands of individually wrapped coils, silk, gel.

Honoring tradition by bringing the past into the present, the Kingsdown Tradition Collection utilizes century-old construction techniques to deliver quality that stands the test of time. Each sleep system is designed for the ultimate experience of luxury. Tradition is hand-tufted and offers exquisite styling, flawless lace detailing, and designer woven fabrics with Jomma wool, silk and cashmere fibers.

The Passions Collection exemplifies the Kingsdown heritage of fine handcraftsmanship and durability at mid-level price points. It offers exclusive styling and tailoring, higher-count individually wrapped coil systems, tri-zoned coil construction with lumbar support, cooling gel-engineered components, and a luxurious quilted surface.

Kingsdown’s Blu Tek product offers a revolutionary new design that has changed the way consumers think of foam mattresses. Blu-Tek allows your core body temperature to decrease naturally, providing a more comfortable, restful night’s sleep. It features an industry-first solution with horizontal and vertical air flow inside the mattress, gel-infused memory foam with air flow channels, ProSupport engineered foam working core, ventilated fabrics, and an edge support system.

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About Kingsdown, Inc.: Kingsdown, Inc., a leading sleep solutions company founded in 1904 in Mebane, N.C., develops diagnostic technology and a diverse portfolio of handcrafted mattress products that are rooted in extensive scientific research. From the company’s beginnings 110 years ago, Kingsdown emerged as an industry pioneer by inventing patented mattress components and manufacturing processes, thus inventing the luxury bedding niche. Today, the company’s market leadership thrives as Kingsdown continues to develop innovative products and consistently ranks as one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world. Kingsdown has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and provides sleep solutions for leading retailers in more than 20 countries on five continents.