Kingsdown Expands Premium Vintage Collection And Introduces New Body Science Technology

Kingsdown is ready for the Winter Las Vegas Market with two exciting introductions: the addition of five new mattresses to its successful Vintage Collection and the implementation of the company’s Body Science Technology into every mattress.

Bearing the name Vintage Collection Elite, the new five-bed expansion is crafted with a combination of modern sleep science and high quality materials and detailing. Engineered with natural materials like cotton, wool and silk, the new mattresses feature hand-tufting, inverted luxury seams and Kingsdown’s signature woven crown on the ticking. In addition to offering higher coil counts, each bed is made with New Zealand Joma wool, more latex and more tufting for additional comfort.

“We remain focused on designing and creating luxury mattresses that deliver on superb comfort and unparalleled support,” said Frank Hood, Kingsdown President and CEO. “Our Vintage Collection Elite additions support that commitment with unmet opulence combined with a great construction story using Kingsdown styling and technology.”

With the addition of the new Vintage Elite mattresses, the full collection offers ten stylish designs priced to retail from $1,699 to $6,000 in queen—bridging the price gap between Kingsdown’s Crown Imperial and Diamond Royale lines. First unveiled at the Fall High Point Market, the Vintage Collection offers a nod to timeless mattress craftsmanship and design.

“Vintage Collection Elite beds are designed to deliver a luxurious and restful night’s sleep,” said Kevin Damewood, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kingsdown. “Designed with high-quality materials and great attention to detail, Vintage Elite mattresses add another dimension to our luxury bedding story.”

In addition to the new Vintage Elite mattresses, Kingsdown has also expanded its exclusive Body Science Technology to its full product portfolio—with each mattress in the company’s Diamond Royale, Passions, Sleep Haven, Crown Imperial and Vintage collection now designated along its Postural Alignment Spectrum. By combining the science and expertise the company has developed over its long history with data gathered from more than 10 million consumers through its bedMATCH diagnostic system, Kingsdown is helping to guide retailers in their quest to uncover the right sleep surface for their customers.

“Our Body Science is a true differentiator in the mattress category,” asserted Hood. “Unlike other programs in the industry, Body Science syncs with our entire line and across all of our price points to ensure consumers get the most personalized support possible. We have the ability to offer consumers proper ergonomic support across our entire line based on research and data through the Sleep To Live Institute.”

Supported by an in-store kiosk, Body Science guides consumers through a series of question about their body type and sleep styles to determine the proper sleep support. Once the survey is complete, the kiosk makes a recommendation based on the company’s alignment system. Armed with that information, a retail sales associate is better equipped to guide consumers toward mattresses best designed to provide proper alignment and better sleep.

A longtime leader in sleep diagnostics, Kingsdown has taken a holistic approach to selling mattresses and better sleep. The Body Science Technology emphasizes the company’s history, design prowess, superb construction, abundance of research and extensive testing that goes into every Kingsdown mattress. This all-encompassing technology ensures that each of the company’s mattresses are crafted with proper ergonomic, personalized support, resulting in better sleep.