Kingsdown Expands Blu-Tek Collection Adding Two Additional Mattresses

By: Christopher Schriever

Six successful months after its initial launch, Kingsdown, introduces two additional SKUs to its popular Blu-Tek® collection.

The new entry level 9-inch “Snow” and 11-inch “Sub-Zero” mattresses will join the “cool” Blu-Tek collection – Winter, Polar, Arctic, Glacier, and Peak – and will have a 4.5-inch progressive support core. Blu-Tek uses a four step Cool Support Technology™ process in its memory foam mattress, allowing the beds to sleep cooler than conventional foam. Promoted with the tagline, “It’s the coolest bed in the world,” the company has research showing their Blu-Tek mattresses sleep five to eight degrees cooler than its competitors.

“We have experienced overwhelming success with the Blu-Tek line,” said Kingsdown Inc., President Bob Hellyer. “This collection already provides our retailers opportunities to earn higher margins. With the addition of the new SKUs, we are offering dealers a wider portfolio of products at a variety of price points, allowing them to cater to all customers, from value to luxury.”

Blu-Tek mattresses include an engineered core to provide support and comfort ensuring maximum strength, resilience and durability. A Progressive Support System™ is added to flex and conform to each body’s unique needs, offering innerspring type support in a foam product. The specially designed ProSupport™ and ProSupport Plus™ channel-cut base layers create an industry-first solution to vertical and horizontal airflow as well as vertical zoning. Edge-to-edge sleep support, provided by a firm perimeter foam, and a lumbar support layer down the center of the bed add an extra level of support.

Blu-Tek is available in several comfort feels and firmness, with latex, gel, visco, and conventional foams as well as a latex/gel/visco combination. Suggested retails start at $1499.