Kingsdown Adds New Designs, Materials and Features to its Mattress Collections

Collaborating with its retail partners, Kingsdown adds new designs, materials and features to several of its top selling Kingsdown®, My Side®, and Sleeping Beauty® mattress collections.

“We are making our strongest sellers even stronger,” said Kingsdown Inc., President Bob Hellyer. “Our retail dealers provided input and we have incorporated their suggestions by expanding our collections and updating features and fabrics. In addition to offering consumers what they want, we are helping our retail partners supply product at all price points.”

In their luxury Kingdown line, the company added several enhancements, such as latex and visco and coil-on-coil designs, as well new borders and covers. More latex SKUs and fresh borders will be incorporated into the 4, 6, 8, and 9 series levels of the My Side personalized product line. The expanded Sleeping Beauty, will include new additions at the top and promotional ends of the collection to help retailers drive traffic at entry-level price points.