King Koil Unveils Three Major Line Introductions

Three major line introductions plus updates for many of its established bedding brands form the basis for one of King Koil’s broadest product launches ever at the Las Vegas Market.

“Everything that we’re bringing to the show anticipates strong business years ahead,” noted company president and COO Dave Roberts. “Our outlook is very positive and we’re beginning to direct and design our retail offerings for the years following 2014.”

King Koil’s new collections include a World Luxury™ series at popular price points, a designer-level Sleep Couture™ line aimed at generating high retail margins, and a reasonably priced Z Tech™ series that targets Millennials.

“Our market strategy is to provide distinctive elegance and luxury in a broad range of price points from the affordable to the ultra-high-end,” Roberts said, “while at the same time offering singular looks and strong values in other lines.”

New World Luxury Series

Describing its World Luxury line as a “renaissance of elegance in a popular pricing segment,” King Koil is presenting its 10 new high-style World Luxury models from $699 to $1,499 with a choice of comfort at the $799 and $999 levels.

The all encased-coil series features varying coil counts and layered combinations of gel foams, latex and high-density poly foams. Offered in a cream/gold palette and in a range of profiles including Euro-, pillow- and plush tops, the World Luxury collection will flaunt “exceptionally high-end, three-dimensional fabrics with phase-change materials and many other extras,” noted Roberts.

“The elegant craftsmanship and appointments of this line will set it apart from all others in its class,” he said. “And the fact that World Luxury beds offer luxury that’s affordable will be unmistakably apparent to both retailers and mattress shoppers.”

Sleep Couture Reaches for Opulence

Atop the World Luxury line is a new, ultra-high-end Sleep Couture collection expected to retail from $1,999 to $4,999. This new King Koil “designer” series is intended to help retailers raise and maintain high mattress tickets.

Dressed in black, platinum and white, the Sleep Couture innerspring collection was inspired by intensive King Koil research over the past 18 months, Roberts said.

“Our studies show that increasing numbers of consumers are turning their interests to bedding that delivers higher quality and more luxury. They’re also correlating better sleep with better health in ways they hadn’t in the past,” he said. “And, after more than a decade of sleeping on specialty bedding, they’re demonstrating a renewed interest in innerspring beds.”

In keeping with its positioning as an opulent innerspring bed collection that’s “far beyond the norm,” Sleep Couture promises extraordinary new fabrics, fashion treatments and new style details that transcend other beds in competitive price ranges.

Z Tech Targets Young Consumers 25 to 35

King Koil is reaching out to millennials with a new Z Tech line intended to attract young consumers who want, but are unable to afford, the latest technologies in the bedding category.

Sporting a clean, contemporary esthetic, the new series “uses components like gel-infused latex and quality poly foams,” Roberts noted. “Fabrics for the line feature phase-change materials and other advancements that are normally offered in much higher priced bedding. Z-Tech beds offer quality, high tech innerspring designs and looks at retails from only $399 to $999.

“Z Tech will satisfy the younger demographic’s desire for the latest technologies in the products they buy while respecting the limits of their buying power.”

Two-Sided Products Get Renewed Emphasis

King Koil’s popular Laura Ashley two-sided innerspring line expands retailer options and provides additional means for dealers to differentiate themselves.

Laura Ashley beds, in addition to other King Koil innerspring lines, will be promoted in both one- and two-sided versions “to remind retailers that we can and will make either style available to them,” Roberts said.

“Our research indicates not only that 74 percent of consumers would prefer having two sides to their mattress, but that two-sided products are still being requested and sold across the country.

“We want to give retailers every opportunity to provide their customers with what they want.”

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About King Koil: A global bedding producer, King Koil is among the country’s Top 10 manufacturers and maintains an international licensing group that serves 80 countries. The company markets multiple branded collections that also include Natural Response®, Posture Sense® and Extended Life™.