Jamison Vita Pedic® and Talalatex Conformer™Mattress Collections

In keeping with its new brand position, “We Make Sleep Different,” Jamison Bedding introduces two major bed collections that speak to retailers’ needs for quality products that deliver choice, function, standout aesthetics and solid value.

The revamped Vita Pedic® and new Talalatex Conformer™ collections firmly support the company’s brand position. Vita Pedic® is inspired by Greek mythology and described as “the next generation in two-sided sleep” while the new Talalatex Conformer™ collection combines the attributes of high quality latex with the benefits of adjustable comfort. These lines, along with new Gel Comfort™ products,“ represent just the beginning of what retailers will see— and can expect—from ‘the new Jamison’ going forward,” noted Ken Hinman, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“We’re very confident that retailers who visit us during market will recognize the exciting and meaningful changes we’ve made in our company and products.”

Addressing the needs of consumers who want better longevity from their mattresses, Jamison has transformed its Vita Pedic brand into a completely new, two-sided innerspring collection of nine models, each inspired by a god from ancient Greek mythology.

“We still have many retail customers who sell two-sided products,” Hinman explained. “But we’re also hearing from stores that offer only one-sided mattresses and now want to expand their selling options.”

The new Vita Pedic line, expected to retail in queen at values from $499 to $1,399, features Jamison’s Smart Coil® technology, an alternating coil design that reduces partner disturbance while properly balancing the body weight of the sleepers.

Upper-end models use an enhanced version of the Smart Coil design that increases the number of coil alternations in the unit. Smart Coil units in the top five Vita Pedic models are foam-encased using a high density, eco-based foam. Varying layers of high density, ultra soft poly foams are positioned over the coil cores.

Top-line models feature Celliant Sleep™, a fiber layer placed directly under the cover that has shown in clinical tests to increase oxygen levels in the body and regulate body temperature.

“This material improves the amount of oxygen your body takes in as you sleep, which is widely recognized as contributing to comfort, pain relief, healing and recovery,” Hinman explained.

“Celliant Sleep also works to distribute body temperature more evenly, extending its benefits to the hands and feet—not just to the body’s central core.”

Other Vita Pedic beds use silk and wool fiber blends under the cover to provide seasonal sleeping comfort. The topmost Vita Pedic model features Tencel®, an eco-friendly botanic fiber woven into the cover to help manage moisture and maintain a dry sleep surface.

Dressed in a range of quilted damasks and knits, all Vita Pedic beds carry a 10-year full warranty and are available with Jamison’s heavy-duty steel/wood foundation or a durable, all-wood design. Jamison’s new five-model Talalatex Conformer collection combines the unique performance of premium latex with the advantages of adjustable comfort.

Set to retail from $1,099 to $2,199 in queen, Conformer beds position Talalay latex layers of varying firmnesses over either a Talalay latex core or a high density, Marriott poly foam core.

According to Hinman, “This is a collection that truly leverages the best sleep attributes of Talalay latex: its superior pressure point relief; uplifting support for proper spinal alignment; two-dimensional quality which prevents it from bottoming out; and natural hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant nature, which makes it an ideal selection for allergy sufferers.

“Those attributes also form the basis of the product messaging we developed for the line’s top-of-bed and in-store display programs,” he said.

All Conformer mattresses come with a 10- year full warranty and can be paired with one of three Jamison adjustable bases or with the company’s steel/wood foundation. The non-quilted beds are dressed in fourway, super-stretch knit covers that feature tasteful, woven patterns in light mocha and wedge blue palettes. Model names like Opulence, Grandeur and Elegance are embroidered at the foot end of the borders.

“We’re very pleased with the simple lines and dimensional looks of this collection, which lend it a sleek and sophisticated profile,” Hinman noted.

Jamison’s “We Make Sleep Different” brand position reflects its longtime ethic of producing high quality products, expressed today in contemporary and appealing mattress designs that deliver superior values to both retailers and consumers.

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