Jamison Bedding Deliver Value, Quality and Service

cover storyBeyond simply selling a product, Jamison Bedding sells comfort by telling a compelling story. The company sets itself apart with a diverse portfolio of mattress offerings, a comprehensive approach to bedding and an unwavering commitment to engaged marketing. Backed by quality handcrafted products and consummate service, Jamison has a storied history of quality bedding that dates back to 1883.

This approach can be seen throughout every aspect of the Jamison brand. The company manufactures distinct products that feature the latest technology and unique materials to better soothe and conform to the body. Each collection provides an array of options in terms of features and constructions to fit consumers’ individual needs. Surrounding every new mattress collection is a comprehensive marketing plan, armed with a compelling and visually arresting story to enhance the product experience. In order to adequately equip showrooms, Jamison provides retailers a complete sales package ensuring that RSAs can convey the story in a way that consumers can absorb the product information. “As a smaller regional player,” Ken Hinman, senior vice president of sales and marketing, explained, “we know how vital it is to be inventive, original and relevant both in the products you develop and the stories and tools you provide retailers to sell them.” This complete approach to bedding manufacturing expands across every collection in Jamison’s line-up, including its most recent introduction into the “value” price category: the English Garden Collection.

Jamison English Garden CollectionThe English Garden Collection, which was unveiled at the spring High Point Market, differentiates itself as both a value mattress made from quality materials and luxury details and an innovative product priced to jumpstart retail traffic. The collection retails from $499 to $999 in queen.

Like every new Jamison product, this collection was conceived through substantial consumer and product research. The company determines a void in the market and in the latest technology available to create an innovative mattress that resonates with consumers by fitting a need. With the English Garden Collection, Jamison was looking to expand its spring offerings, while appealing to a new consumer demographic. “Our objective with this new series was to create a themed bed collection with quality components and extraordinary visual appeal to women, at equally attractive price points,” Hinman explained. The theme was inspired by the aesthetics of traditional English gardens, an image both peaceful and visually striking, which is reflected in the collection’s design choices. By incorporating the ideas of simplicity and beauty Hinman hoped capture the natural peace and rhythm of rest, which was reinforced with the tagline “The Symmetry of Sleep”.

The focus of the English Garden line is not on one specific material, technology, or price point. This highly differentiated collection provides a superior level of comfort and support, offering a variety of options so consumers can find the exact model that fits their needs. The core of each mattress features Palladian Smart Coil technology, an innovative fabric-encased coil. This technology is functionally interesting and achieves a different feel than a basic spring model. Each coil is wrapped with fabric and connected at the sides, but moves independently at the top and bottom, allowing the springs to successfully conform to the body. The collection offers three different versions of the coils, providing added firmness, height or zoned comfort and support. The consumer also has the option to choose from a variety of comfort layers, including different premium foams, JGel memory foam—all of which come in various densities and combinations—and fiber and cotton-poly layers.

Jamison English GardenEnhancing the luxury feel, English Garden mattresses feature custom stretch knit covers that have been quilted and infused with an Aloe Vera emollient. This extract is known for its healing benefits and gives the bed added softness. Inspired by hydrangeas, wisteria and irises, the cover fabrics are designed with Limon Green and Nautical Blue flowers, reminiscent of an “artist’s canvas”.

Jamison believes this sort of careful consideration is not traditionally found within “value” priced mattress collections. Hinman explained, “In the past, mattresses at this price point have not offered a wide range of quality materials or options, the marketing surrounding them focused not on how the bed feels, but solely on how affordable it is. The English Garden Collection is about more than hitting a specific price point, it’s about comfort and balance. This line follows Jamison’s promise to provide sleep solutions at every stage of your life, by offering a multi-faceted story within one collection (including latex, gel, hybrid, and zoned options).” By emphasizing the price, quality features, and thorough marketing story in tandem, the English Garden collection represents a new approach to selling value priced beds.

Jamison credits the success of the line-up, particularly among the younger 20-30 year old demographic, to this comprehensive story. Retailers have recognized this positive reception and, on average, increased their space on the showroom floor to include two additional Jamison beds. Jamison’s relationship with its retailers is tantamount to its commitment to the consumers. Customers are looking for quality products at reasonable price points and Jamison provides retailers not only with mattresses that fit that description, but the means by which RSAs can effectively convey the message.

With every new partnership and product unveiling, Jamison offers retailers what it calls the Party in a Box. This marketing package adds excitement to any product by providing all the necessary point of purchase materials, including wall coverings, headboards, top of bed, footer, window decorations, and signs, to attract the consumer.

For the English Garden collection, Jamison has enhanced the Party in a Box offerings to include headboards with latticework and flowers, ceiling banners and framed art, along with stepping stone and ivy appliqués. Top of bed dressings feature photos of actual English garden scenes, reinforcing the inspiration behind the collection. This branding is intended to replicate a garden experience, all the while adding a sense of luxury and excitement to the sales floor. With a strong background in consumer products, Hinman understands the significance of conveying the “romance” of a mattress collection, but also the importance of having a quality product to sell. This seamless integration of marketing and product makes it possible to tell multiple stories to different groups of consumers in an engaging, accessible way. It creates a mood that successfully places the feel and effect of the mattress at the forefront before backing it up with detailed product information.

As retailers everywhere faced a difficult economy during recent years, the focus on entry-level products has grown and evolved. With the English Garden collection, Jamison worked to redefine the segment by incorporating luxury elements and hand-craftsmanship, creating a line that served as a “breath of fresh air” for consumers and retailers alike. Today Jamison has fostered strong relationships with over 400 retailers in the Southeast United States, professing a “mission not to be the biggest but to be the best—in value, quality and service.” The success of the English Garden collection is reflective of the company’s dedicated commitment to providing consumers with sleep systems for every stage of life and retailers with the best tools to sell them.

Jamison’s Premium Offerings:

For retailers looking for a step-up from the English Garden mattress offerings, Jamison is introducing the Hotel Resort Collection and a new top-of-the-line model for its popular Gel Comfort specialty collection at the High Point Market.

The five-model Hotel Resort Collection is modeled after the company’s 40 years experience supplying sleeping comfort and support to hotels and resorts worldwide. This latest collection “not only captures the performance and feel of Jamison’s own premium hotel beds, but is meant to motivate shoppers to replicate and enjoy the restful resort experience in their homes all year long,” Hinman explains.

The line features three hybrid and two all-foam models, all of which incorporate the company’s high-performance Hotel Resort foam core. The hybrid mattresses feature a new micro-coil layer (a smaller version of the Palladian Smart Coil technology) with the option of luxury Talalay latex or super soft or convoluted foams layers. The all-foam models “most closely capture that very distinctive feel of ‘soft, supportive comfort’ you expect from a high-quality hotel mattress,” according to Hinman, and provide the option of an additional layer of high-density gel visco foam.

Jamison’s new Hotel Resort line offers a different sleep solution in each of its five models, which range from $999 to $1,599 in queen-size.

The innovative new Arctic model is the latest offering in Jamison’s Gel Comfort Collection. At $1,999 in queen, this European zipper-style mattress features the Hotel-Resort foam core, a support layer of visco foam, and an ultra-soft layer of JGel. The uniquely designed layer of gel visco foam is convoluted on the bottom to create air passages, as well as hole-punched throughout to further promote air circulation. Atop the mid or torso section of this layer is a solid gel zone that’s also perforated, enhancing the density and support of the mattress and providing substantial cooling benefits.

Arctic offers value and supreme comfort with the added benefits of JGel technology.

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