Intellibed Launches Gelee

Intellibed is expanding its portfolio by introducing Gelee, a new brand of innovative mattresses and accessories featuring Gel Matrix technology. Designed to provide superior support and cushioning comfort, Gelee mattresses combine cutting edge Gel Matrix technology with traditional materials to provide a smart and comfortable gel hybrid mattress. The Gel Matrix dynamically adapts to your body with competitive prices starting at $1,499.

“We’re beyond thrilled to offer our retail partners Gelee, the sleep solution that not only addresses their consumers’ sleep needs, but their budgets as well,” said Colin House, CEO of Intellibed. “The mattress industry has only just begun to realize the power of innovative Gel Matrix technology.”

The new Gelee with Gel Matrix mattress collection provides an incredibly comfortable sleep surface for a better, deeper night’s sleep.


  • Cushioning comfort to alleviate pressure points for every sleep position—whether you are on your back, side, and stomach
  • Superior support for proper spinal alignment and back pain relief
  • Cool sleep from the naturally ventilating and cooling Gel Matrix structure
  • Durability backed by a 10-year warranty, providing utmost peace of mind—no more “taco” bed

Gelee provides retailers a fresh offering and the opportunity to reach an even larger consumer market with Gel Matrix. No longer do consumers need to choose one or the other: affordability or luxury—Gelee mattresses make the aspirational attainable. The all new line integrates Gel Matrix technology with traditional foam and coils to provide an unmatched hybrid mattress experience. Gelee ensures all user needs are met when they step onto the retail floor.

The Gelee collection features a good, better, and best offering—Gelee H2, Gelee H3, and Gelee H4—to provide consumer options and a clear step-up positioning on the retail floor. Gelee will be available at partnering sleep retailers beginning May 2021 with competitive prices ranging from $1,499-$2,599.

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About Gelee:

Gelee™ with Gel Matrix®, from the makers of Intellibed, is an emerging brand, providing accessible and innovative sleep solutions designed to help all types of sleepers achieve a better night’s sleep. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gelee™ will be available at mattress retailers across North America, transforming the sleep retail experience with their smart hybrid Gel Matrix® mattress technology.