InnoMax Reinvigorates its SG1 Hydrodynamic Sleep Water Bed

Responding to a significant resurgence in consumer demand, InnoMax® Corporation, which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is expanding its Hydrodynamic Sleep™ product category. “Since sales for our Hydrodynamic Sleep™ products for the first half of 2012 have surpassed sales for the previous two years,” explains President Mark Miller, “InnoMax has taken the category to the next level with the introduction of our Specific Gravity 1™ mattress line.”

The InnoMax Hydrodynamic Sleep mattress simulates the effects of weightlessness by keeping both mattress andbody in balance within a fluid environment. Using this innovative technology, Innomax is redefining the “waterbed” product and appealing to a wide age range of consumers.

“Older folks who are coming back to the category and younger consumers who are discovering fluid support for the first time have no qualms about paying premium bedding prices for a great night’s sleep. And our retailers enjoy high margins because there is virtually no competition in this category,” states Miller.

InnoMax is also adding features to its bed frame product line to accommodate the new mattresses because the company is seeing a sizable influx of consumers who are looking to replace their current wood frame beds but without changing the basic materials. “In response, InnoMax is now producing wood frames and headboards for our most fashionable OakLand Bedroom Furniture suites, which are designed to accommodate full depth fluid support Hydrodynamic Sleep™ mattresses,” says Miller.

Through the new Hydrodynamic Sleep mattress and bed frames, InnoMax continues to expand its product lines and offer new, innovative updates to its traditionally popular mattress type.