Innomax Natural Reserve Air-Cell Mattress

Cotton and bamboo provide added comfort and style to the latest mattress introduced by InnoMax®, the Denver-based manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of air suspension mattresses and other bedding products. The fashion-forward and certified-green-design, Natural Reserve Air-Cell offers added comfort and health.

The component and bedding manufacturer’s latest air cell adjustable sleep system includes a wool-encased, body-zoned latex and Memory-Cell—reversible comfort layer, dual Digital Adjust-A-Rest support core and supple cotton and bamboo stretch-knit top cover.

The reversible wool encased comfort layer offers consumers comfort throughout the year. The summer-cool and winter-warm wool-encased 2-in-1 latex and Memory Cell dual firmness comfort layer. In addition, the cotton and bamboo cover showcase the natural benefits of both fibers. Cotton, which is naturally temperature-neutral, keeps sleepers comfortable while the bamboo keeps the mattress free from mildew and dust mites.