Ibersleep Expands to North America with a Diverse Portfolio

ibersleep activeairThe European manufacturer Ibersleep is expanding its bedding sales to the North American market, bringing with it a history of strong and carefully managed growth. By consistently upgrading and improving its product offerings, Ibersleep works to promote healthier sleep by providing the consumer with a variety of sleep systems in order to satisfy diverse budgets and needs.

For more than 30 years, Ibersleep has been working to improve the well-being of its customers by promoting a healthier night sleep. Following its mission to understand the needs of many different markets, Ibersleep covers the medium and medium/high industry segments by offering a wide range of products that focus on functionality, price and environmentalism. The company pays careful attention to the consumers’ needs in order to adapt to each and every client and assure satisfaction and high quality standards. Through strategic collaborations with top universities and laboratories, Ibersleep utilizes pertinent sleep science research to advance the consumers’ quality of life by creating fully integrated sleep systems. The company believes that a mattress must be personalized and adjusted to the physiological characteristics of each individual sleeper. By producing every element of its mattresses, Ibersleep gives each one different variations to create a personalized, fully integrated ecological sleep system.

Ibersleep is introducing a variety of unique products to the North American market, including its Natur Life and Active Air mattresses, both of which feature an innovative use of materials and technology. Natur Life is made from ECOfoam Visco, Ibersleep’s first development in natural foam material. With fully developed viscoelastic properties, ECOfoam Visco is an odorless material that touts high air permeability, which gives the Natur Life mattress ultimate freshness. This foam product is made with amethyst, a mineral known for its revitalizing and stress-relieving effects which also works to protect against negative static energy. This material is also eco-friendly, making it ideal for bedding products as the consumer demand for greener sleep solutions continues to rise.

The Active Air mattress serves as an alternative to traditional latex models. Ibersleep has utilized innovative technologies to engineer unique raw materials in order to give this product the same touch and feel as latex, while offering distinct new benefits. Using microcapsule technology, olive oil is applied to the mattress’ fabric covering. The result is unparalleled smoothness that helps rejuvenate the sleeper by moisturizing the skin throughout the night. This unique material creates a thermal comfort during sleep while working to soften and improve the elasticity of the skin and provide quality anti-aging benefits.