Hästens Unveils Vividus, The World’s Most Exclusive Bed

Hästens Beds has launched Vividus, a new mattress offering touted as the world’s most exclusive bed. For six generations Hästens has worked on its craftsmanship and continuously developed and challenged its sewing techniques. Ten years ago the company faced their biggest challenge, to make the world’s best bed. Four of Hästens most experienced and qualified craftsmen were specially trained and devoted themselves entirely to the challenge. Today they are the only people in the world possessing the knowledge and skills required to make the company’s new Vividus bed. It takes certified craftsmen 320 hours to construct each mattress at the Vividus atelier in Köping, Sweden, using only high quality natural materials both inside and out.

“We never want to stand still,” explained Jan Ryde, fifth-generation owner. “Our craftsmen are ambitious and together we move forward and develop to Hästens’ definition of perfection. Hästens craftsmanship has developed continuously over more than 160 years which is evident in Vividus. Together with our most experienced craftsmen we have not only created the world’s best bed but also set the standards for the quality against which all others are measured.”

Hästens built a separate atelier for the creation of Vividus, at a level of quality control that had never been seen before in a bed; not one single component was left to chance. Everything from the hand sewn layers of horsehair and cotton to traditionally hand tied bolster springs, all adapted to fit specific customer requirements.

“Vividus is a unique project for craftsmen, enabling them to work daily with techniques that have been practised and developed for more than 160 years,” said Jan-Erik Leander, Master Craftsman for Vividus. “To be part of a team making the world’s best bed is a prestigious assignment that few people are privileged to be a part of. Vividus is a bed made without compromises in materials, time or craftsmanship. In the Vividus atelier we cherish each bed from start to finish like a part of our own family. I believe that is what gives Vividus a soul and character of its own.”

Each Vividus bed is made from 200 kilos of natural materials. It features layers of the finest cotton, wool, mohair and horse hair—high quality materials that breathe and neutralize moisture, helping to regulate temperature. The mattress is stitched together with a step stitching technique, which keeps the seams separated, allowing the mattress to become flexible and soft. Hästens bed design masters have together developed the best possible conditions for optimal sleep. In the right position the muscles relax naturally increasing the likelihood of a deep and undisturbed sleep and a floating sensation. The bed frame is made of redwood from the north of Sweden.

Retailing for €119,000 (approximately $135,500), the Hästens Vividus is available in a variety of different color and grid pattern options.

For more information, visit hastens.com.

About Hästens Beds: Since 1852, Hästens has been committed to crafting optimal sleep. The skilled craftsmen at our factory in Köping, Sweden, have been refining our work for generations. Every bed is bespoke and hand-made using only the best natural materials. With operations in 36 countries and more than 200 partners in Europe, Asia and America, the small family-owned company has grown into a global producer and retailer of premium beds.