Gold Bond’s Customization Program Increases Retailer Reach

Recognizing that many independent stores face an ongoing battle against large sleep chains on a daily basis, Gold Bond designs product offerings that help differentiate its retail customers from their competitors. The company’s customization program allows retailers the opportunity to offer mattresses that have broad consumer appeal and are geared specifically to each dealer’s needs based on market and customer demographics.

“By offering products that are customized to customers’ particular wants and needs, retailers—particularly smaller ones—are in turn able to sell to a larger consumer population,” says Gold Bond President Robert Naboicheck. “If they want product to accommodate individuals of the ‘Big and Tall’ demographic, Gold Bond will make it to size. If an older house needs a unique shaped mattress, we can make that too.”

Accepting special orders and building mattresses and box springs to fit any consumer’s specific requirements, Gold Bond’s customization provides independent retailers with an additional selling point and helps them reach a wider audience.

“Independently-owned retailers don’t have large marketing budgets like their competition and catering to niche markets is a great way to bring new customers in the door,” explains Naboicheck. “Product customization is not just a trend or a phase. The idea of a tailor-fit bed carries immense appeal to the consumer. From bed sets made to fit antique frames to box springs at 3-inch, 5 1/4-inch, and 9-inch heights to extra long mattresses designed for college basketball players, we stock the materials to make any mattress at any size.”