Gold Bond Unveils New Program For Brick-And-Mortar Merchants

Gold Bond is rolling out a new program for its brick-and-mortar retailers to make them more competitive against the growing bed-in-a-box trend. The new merchandising strategy provides a strong assortment of quality, made-in-the-USA mattresses priced under $1,000, along with marketing support that allows local retailers to go head-to-head with Internet dealers. Gold Bond’s assortment of products gives brick-and-mortar retailers a competitive advantage with a powerful lineup of quality mattresses, face-to-face service for consumers and an overall much better retail experience.

Gold Bond President Robert Naboi­check said he’s committed to pushing back against the swelling tide of poorly-made products. To help its retail partners fight back, Gold Bond is committed to designing and manufacturing well made, supportive mattresses using quality materials.

“With internet return rates hovering around 30 percent, it’s clear that consumers aren’t hap­py with the bed-in-a-box product in the market­place,” said Naboicheck. “There’s a real opportu­nity for traditional retailers to move in and fill the void, and they can do this by selling better qual­ity goods in the $600 to $1,000 price range and by employing better trained RSAs.”

Gold Bond has a variety of products that provide retailers quality choices within this targeted price range. The company’s pop­ular S-Series is priced to retail from $599 to $799 in queen, and offers an open-cell structure that delivers active air technology for a cooler, dryer, more comfortable sleep. Gold Bond also has an extensive selection of two-sided mattress offerings in the Chelsea Collection with retail price points from $499 to $799, in a variety of comfort preferences.

Naboicheck points out that comfort and feel are subjective when it comes to mattresses, and people need to lie down on mattresses before buying. “The media and the industry embrace anything that’s hot, but this train is heading for a head-on collision because consumer dissatis­faction is growing,” he predicted.

Five years ago, Naboicheck took a stand, denouncing the industry trend of lowering the quality of materials used in mattresses to keep costs down, and his current viewpoint on the bed-in-a-box craze is similar.

“Today’s trend is to take a piece of foam, put it in a box and call it a mattress,” he noted. “At Gold Bond, we’re going all guns blazing to support our brick-and-mortar retailers with well-made, quality mattresses that provide them a strong margin. We are working dili­gently to protect our retail base against en­croachment of online bedding sales.”