Gold Bond Mattress Addresses Bed Shortage

Independent mattress and futon manufacturer Gold Bond is utilizing its expertise in the health care and college dormitory segments to help relieve a current shortage for beds due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company recently received an initial order for 1,000 twin mattresses for a state agency looking to address a shortfall. The delivery will be completed within 48 hours.

In addition to supplying independent furniture retailers with mattresses, Gold Bond produces mattresses for a significant number of boarding schools and colleges in the Northeast, as well as for shelters and health care settings. Wrapped in an anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and fluid-proof green vinyl and blue nylon covers, the mattresses are made with cotton from Gold Bond’s in-house garneting operation and an innerspring unit.

“We are open for business and stand ready to answer the call. Where there’s a need, we are committed to meeting that need,” said Robert Naboicheck, president of Gold Bond Mattress. “When we got the order, we immediately went to work to shift our machinery. We’re nimble enough to pivot as needed, and we stand ready to answer the call.

The company has ramped up its workforce for overtime this week to fulfill the order for the specialty mattresses, and the raw materials are on hand for production.

Naboicheck said because of the company’s unique approach to manufacturing and its onsite cotton garneting operation Gold Bond has an advantage in supplying the needed contract mattresses at a competitive price.

“We already had the cotton on hand, and we will have the additional needed innerspring units in here within a day,” Naboicheck said.

Any agency looking for mattresses that can be used in health care settings, can call the company’s main number (860) 549-2000 or email Naboicheck directly at


Founded in 1899, Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest family-operated independent mattress, specialty sleep and futon manufacturers. The company is a leader in mattress manufacturing techniques and has more than a century of experience bringing product innovations, high manufacturing standards and executive leadership to the industry. Gold Bond, the maker of the world’s most durable mattresses, incorporates the latest comfort technologies in products, such as Talalay Latex and encased coils and visco-elastic memory foam. Gold Bond currently ships to 40 states and five countries, and its products are available at more than 500 retail showrooms.