Gold Bond Expands GOTS-Certified Organic Mattress Program

With consumer demand for organic products on the rise, Gold Bond Mattress has expanded its organic collection by adding three GOTS-certified organic mattresses to its line-up.

Available in five-inch, eight-inch and 10-inch profiles, the new mattresses are constructed with organic cotton and flame resistant wool, and wrapped in organic cotton twill covers. Certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the mattresses are produced with raw materials that have been tracked and logged as meeting the high standards GOTS requires of organic suppliers and manufacturers.

“When you look at the futon demographic,” explained Gold Bond Mattress President Robert Naboicheck, “a large segment of the market is young people in smaller apartments who get double-duty from our products. They are far more concerned about living a healthier, more natural lifestyle and have been gravitating to our limited organic line. We are expanding the offering because our dealers feel they will increase sales with more options on the floor.”

Gold Bond unveiled its inaugural organic futon mattress collection last year with three designs crafted from a combination of organic cotton, wool and natural latex. The GOTS-certified mattresses, like the initial launch, are designed to work with traditional futon frames or the increasingly popular platform beds.

The three sizes vary in the amount of cotton used in manufacturing. The five-inch profile features 50 pounds of organic cotton and retails at $1,599 in queen, while the eight-inch queen mattress has 80 pounds of organic cotton and retails at $1,999. The 10-inch mattress is packed with 90 pounds of organic cotton and is priced to retail at $2,199. Each mattress includes needle-punched wool for flame resistance.

“Within the organic mattress category, there is no better value out there on GOTS-certified organic product,” Naboicheck stated. “I believe these mattresses will be a winner for our retail partners from a cost standpoint.”