Glideaway Debuts New Revolution Tech Sleep Mattresses

Following the success of its Revolution Tech Pillows, Glideaway will introduce a correlating Revolution Tech Sleep mattress collection at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. The new Propel, Conquer and Thrive models are allergen resistant and made with Air+ mesh panels for increased breathability and Feran Ice cooling technology. Each model will emphasize either support, cooling or comfort characteristics.

“After seeing such a great response from retailers about the benefits of the Revolution Tech Pillows,” said Glideaway Vice President of National Sales Dan Baker, “we wanted to give them mattresses with the same attributes.”

With a medium-firm feel and eight-inch height, the Propel model features charcoal-gel memory foam to emphasize full-body support throughout the mattress. The 10-inch Conquer offers a medium-soft firmness that highlights the charcoal-gel memory foam as a cooling component. The 12-inch Thrive features Memorytex, a unique foam formulation that incorporates the conformability of memory foam and the plush responsiveness of latex.

Ranging from $699 to $1,299, the Revolution Tech Sleep collection is competitively priced and sure to stand out at retail. This is the third line-up Glideaway has created to meet its 5 Good Sleep Components Guide, an easy reference guide designed to help consumers select the right mattress. The Revolution Tech Sleep collection meets each of the requirements, including personal comfort fulfillment, proper support, balanced pressure relief, temperature regulation and antibacterial and allergen control.

“Our goal in creating the Revolution Tech Sleep collection,” Baker continued, “is to offer retailers a unique specialty sleep product that will satisfy the needs of consumers who are looking for products that will keep them both cool and fresh while providing maximum support for a comfortable night’s sleep.”