Features from the Editors: Full Sleep Systems

Bedding manufacturers continue to introduce new ways to simplify the sales process for sleep retailers everywhere. Research has proven that getting a good night sleep is about more than just the mattress, with pillows and bases have a major influence on sleep quality. There are a number of manufacturers that have comprehensive product portfolios, offering retailers full sleep systems under one brand name. This “one-stop-shop” approach is beneficial to sleep shops by creating more opportunities to up-sell on the retail floor.


Simmons BeautyrestSimmons understands that today’s bedroom is about more than sleep—it’s a place where consumers work, relax, watch TV, and more. With a full line-up of mattresses and bedding accessories, retailers have the opportunity to sell more than just a bed, but a complete sleep experience.

Compatible with ComforPedic, BeautyRest and Simmons mattresses, the Renew Powerbase and the Renew Powerbase+ adjustable bases enhance the sleep experience with the rejuvenating benefits of improved support, pressure relief and breathing that adjustable head and foot elevation affords. A unique free fall design uses gravity, rather than a motor, to lower the base for added safety—while the non-slip mattress saver and 25-year limited warranty ensure that consumers can be confident in their purchase. The Renew Powerbase+ offers enhanced features, such as dual massage presets, USB ports and AC power outlets and a range of headboard fabric options and a high-end furniture style upholstered frame.


zedbedFor over 20 years, Zedbed has been creating and manufacturing in its family-owned Canadian factories. The company designs and produces its own foams, mattresses, pillows and adjustable bases, in addition to offering a complete range of mattress protectors and coordinated headboards. Zedbed’s idea is simple: make it a one-stop shop for retailers and help increase their success in accessory attachments.

Zedbed is quickly growing their market share thanks to its diversified approach that focuses on creating products that work symbiotically together.

“Each of our mattress designs are created to work well with adjustable bases. Being able to create our own foams, allows us to also offer it in our pillow assortment, thus creating a uniform comfort from head to toe,” explained Melanie Stranix, VP of sales. “Our retailers are investing and growing with our line up of accessories because they see an upward trend with their consumers wanting to buy everything under one brand that they trust is superior quality. RSA’s also prefer to offer our complete line of products not only because of the quality and comfort of our products but also the ease of being able to offer their clients a complete sleep system.”

The ability to offer consumers everything they need to complete their sleep system benefits the retailer and their sales staff. It eliminates the need for different (and potentially contradictory) warranties and the risk of different delivery lead times, which can inconvenience the consumer. By focusing on its retailers’ success, Zedbed creates a very simple approach to selling that makes it easy for the consumer to grasp.


Sleepharmony Intuition VisionsWith a full line-up of mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors and adjustable bases, Glideaway creates an optimum sleep environment for a wide range of customers by offering unique products at a variety of price points.

The top-of-the-line Revive Performance mattress collection helps retailers compete at higher price points with luxurious beds made with performance visco-foam and advanced temperature-regulating ticking. For retailers looking for more approachable price points, the Intuition Collection was designed to offer fresh sleep solutions at entry-level prices.

Glideaway helps retailers further increase their margins with a variety of sleep accessories. The Sleepharmony memory foam pillow collection is available with an array of unique components, including advanced memory foam cores, charcoal and gel-infused memory foams and full layers of gel. The Five-Sided Mat- tress Protector is made from breathable cotton fabric with Ultra-Fresh technology and constructed using Seamless Edge Technology to prevent stains, dust mites and allergens from penetrating the mattress. The updated Comfort Base Lifestyle Collection offers a wide range of features and price-points, creating a comprehensive step-up program.


Reverie_Lifestyle Dream mattress on 5DReverie is committed to staying on the cutting edge of bedding innovation with technology-driven sleep products that create truly personalized sleep environments.

Reverie’s Dream Sleep System features the innovative 11-inch DreamCell mattress and 5D adjustable foundation. The DreamCell mattress allows for easy customizable support on both sides of the bed with a zip cover for quick access to the bed’s latex DreamCell layer—while the 5D adjustable foundation offers programmable and pre-set memory positions and patented massage technology.

Reverie’s Sweet Slumber Pillow Collection further enhances the system, offering consumers the look and feel of a down pillow without the common complaints associated with the material. Made from shredded latex, the hypo-allergenic pillow offers better airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. Reverie rounds out this personalized full sleep system with an add-on unlike any other product on the market. The company’s exclusive ELATION surround-sound system allows consumers to enhance their sleep environment with high-quality speakers and sub-woofer that are specially designed to attach directly to the foundation legs.


TempurPedic Building upon the continued success of its iconic mattresses, Tempur-Pedic gives retailers greater opportunities to maximize their sales with a variety of quality bedding accessories.

The TEMPUR-Ergo Adjustable Base accommodates all Tempur-Pedic mat- tresses, allowing sleepers to personalize their in-bed comfort by customizing their position with a range of ergonomic options.

Following the introduction of its TEMPUR-Cloud and TEMPUR-Breeze mattress collection, the company un- veiled correlating pillow offerings for retailers looking for additional up-sell or promotional opportunities.

With a full line-up of sheet sets, pillow- cases, comforters and mattress and pillow protectors—Tempur-Pedic creates a full sleep system that retailers can easily communicate to its customers.


Serta iComfortWith the popular iComfort Series, Serta offers retailers touch points across a variety of bed- ding categories. Starting with the mattress itself, the iComfort Series is designed with an innovative memory foam construction to provide outstanding pressure relief and body support. Serta recently enhanced the line-up by incorporating the same widely popular brand name and advanced technology within the updated iComfort pillow collection. With six different models, these pillows offer the superior comfort and unique materials consumers have come to expect from the iComfort name, including Cool Action Dual Effects to alleviate pressure points, Cool Action Gel Energy Foam, MicroSupport gel and EverFeel technology to provide plush cradling comfort. The iComfort name also extends to Serta’s high-quality iComfort Luxury Sheet Set.

The Serta Motion Collection of adjustable bed bases provides an additional opportunity to offer a truly customizable experience. Fully compatible with iComfort mattresses, the adjustable bases allow retailers to up-sell those consumers looking for superior personalization features. Select models feature massage options, while the most advanced bases offer features such as Bluetooth connectivity so that consumers can sync the foundation to their tablet or Smartphone.