Ergolife Introduces Individualized Controlled i-Bed Sleep System

Ergonomic Life International (Ergolife) is showcasing its new, patented and tested i-Bed system at the Winter Las Vegas Market, featuring the Ergolife Contour mattress, Ergolife Active mattress and Ergolife Zero Stress base. Twenty years in the making, the new i-Bed now offers individualized, remote-controlled, fully customizable conformity and support at the shoulder, lumbar region and hips.

“Our Ergolife Contour and Ergolife Active adjustment ranges have provided Australian consumers deep, restful sleep for over a decade,” explained CEO Mario Piraino. ”Our Zero Stress range can all but eliminate waking with lower back stiffness, which is so typical of traditional mattress designs. After twenty years of tests and research with product redesign and development, our i-Bed is our best model yet. This new series allows the sleeper to individually adjust the surface shape of the mattress in order to ‘engulf and cradle the sleeper’s shoulders and his hips,’ then ‘increase, adjust and move the lumbar support to the exact right spot.’ This provides for maximum comfort all night long.”

While some bedding brands make unsupported or unscientific claims about support, conformity and comfort, Ergolife has two decades of research, testing and design adjustments behind their claims. “We have worked over twenty years creating a product line that allows us to offer American manufacturers, distributors and retailers the opportunity of quitting the price-discounting rat race that is experienced when selling ‘me-too’ mattresses,” Piraino continued. “Instead we offer beds that provide real comfort, real support, and really restful sleep—all for the same price that beds in the medium quality market are sold for.”

Instead of offering standard firm, medium and plush model differentiation, each i-Bed mattress is designed to fit every sleeper, regardless of their body size and shape. In particular, this new sleep system caters to couples with different individual requirements.

Twenty years ago, Piraino enlisted the help of Australian Public University Professors and Research Scientists to use physics, ergonomics and anthropometry in designing beds and bases that can be adjusted to reduce the large distortions and high pressure spots usually produced by uniform beds (including popular zoned mattresses). Piraino’s team designed beds that give the sleeper the physical means to adjust and thus produce for themselves a real restful night’s sleep.