Ergo Sleep Centers Unveils Updated Ergo Majestic Collection

Ergo Sleep Centers is returning to the Summer Las Vegas Market with its revamped Ergo Majestic line-up. Targeting the medium premium retail bed market, this four-bed lineup is designed specifically for baby boomers and elderly consumers, the majority of whom are coping with physical conditions associated with aging.

Based on 24 years of experience designing beds based on ergonomic and medical studies, the Ergo Majestic is, as company owner W. Alan Martens explained, “a line of sleep surfaces offering an unsurpassed level of comfort and support that helps customers not only get a great, restorative night’s sleep, but also addresses chronic back pain, shoulder and hip pressure point pain, does not restrict circulation, does not telegraph motion and absorbs more excess body heat than any other sleep surface on the market.”

Since the winter launch, Ergo Sleep Centers has participated in a series of home furnishings markets where it received overwhelming positive feedback from customers. By focusing on the benefits of correct ergonomic posture and comfort, the company experienced a one-out-of two-closing ratio that yielded zero returns and zero cancellations.

At the summer market, the company will unveil an updated Ergo Majestic line—with changes aimed at making a great product even better for retailers. First is the new Ergo-Majestic Solution, a firmer mattress designed to provide superior comfort and ergonomic support up to 350 lbs. per side of the mattress. The upgraded Ergo-Majestic Plus features a new airflow layer to provide better envelopment around the shoulders and hips, and more cushioning comfort both for back and side sleepers. Additionally, the company will showcase the Ergo Majestic Comfort, the improved Majestic Plus and the Majestic Max—providing three different levels of support and a personalized sleep surface regardless of body mass.

Designed to deliver true relief to the estimated 100 million Americans who experience back pain, the Majestic mattresses minimizes painful counter pressure and provides proper spinal support. With an average price range that is up to a $1,000 less than the major visco-elastic manufacturers’ models, and a level of quality that exceeds most low-end discount foam beds, the Ergo Majestic is a competitive line that offers advanced performance, health and wellness benefits.