Ergo Sleep Centers Introduces Full Line of Ergo Majestic Mattresses

Ergo Sleep Centers will debut the Ergo Majestic at the winter Las Vegas Market, a four mattress line-up made with a patented gel layer that is backed by a number of medical and scientific studies. Comprised of the Ergo Majestic Comfort, Majestic Plus, Majestic Max and Majestic Couples mattress, this collection helps retailers drive higher sales and set themselves apart from their competition by offering differential options on the retail floor.

Originating in the health care industry, Ergo has been addressing fundamental health care issues for 21 years—and is now reaching out to address the pain relief and comfort needs of today’s modern consumer. The primary target markets for the Ergo Majestic are baby boomers and elderly over sixty-five, the majority of whom are coping with physical conditions associated with their aging.

“In this market, price point is secondary to pain relief and support,” owner W. Alan Martens explained.

There are 74.6 million baby boomers in the US and 44.7 million elderly over age 65, representing 54.1% of the US buying population with the most disposable income. Up to one half of working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year, while it is estimated that 32% of all Americans experience significant back pain with their present mattress.

“For mattress retailers, these are no narrow niche markets,” Martens continued. “This is a huge marketing and sales opportunity for mattress retailers willing to market mattresses that provide better spinal support, minimize pressure points, offer unrestricted circulation and absorb excess body heat all night for millions of consumers that are looking for the right solution.”

Used as surface comfort layers, the patented Ergo Majestic gel formulation provides unparalleled pressure management, support and comfort. In addition to maintaining proper spinal support and promoting unrestricted blood circulation, the Ergo Majestic absorbs up to 17°F more excess body heat than polyurethane or visco-elastic foams. Additionally, it works to minimize counter pressure by properly enveloping the shoulders and hips regardless of the sleeper’s body size. The unique foam formulation offers improved, fast recovery to allow the sleeper to turn easily while the mattress features edge-to-edge support and reduced motion transfer.

Focused on the needs of the retailer, Ergo Majestic’s historical sales have resulted in a 97% satisfaction rating from consumers with an annualized return and comfort exchange rate of less than 3%. Additionally, the Ergo Majestic bedding line offers a 65% margin that is competitively priced in the medium premium price range. The company’s product line, point of sale materials, handouts and RSA training generates a higher closing ratio, return customers and referral recommendations from satisfied customers.

“We are here to address fundamental concerns for mattress retailers,” said Martens. “Most dealers along with their competitors sell virtually the same products with minor changes and pricing as the primary sales tool. The Ergo Majestic sells on the customer’s needs and relieving pain and providing comfort. By addressing the customers’ physical issues and needs, our Ergo Majestic bedding line breaks this buying cycle with a proven and real solution offered by your store that no one else has to offer this baby boomer or elderly customer.”