Englander Proves To Be A Strong Partner To Retailers During The Pandemic

Retail success stories are key in this industry, and Englander has been able to help independent retailers generate them with its Dreamer mattress collection. Launched in early 2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this three-model latex hybrid collection features a modern, elegant aesthetic and proven materials.

The Dreamer Collection is made with trusted features, included fabric-encased coil support unit, layers of copper-infused latex, copper-infused visco foam, 3° Open Air micro-coils and a cool touch top panel. The collection offers eight mattresses in three color-ways, each delivering distinct comfort feels to simplify the buying process.

Greg and Katy Law, owners of Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture, were immediately impressed with the Dreamer line-up in January 2020. They eventually floored the entire collection, reporting overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

“If you are considering taking on the Englander Dreamer collection, do it now because your customers and team will love you for it,” said Katy. “The core values of Englander line up with us as a retailer, and it’s always a pleasure to do business with someone who values your partnership.”

They also credited the success of the Dreamer program to having, “buy-in from the sales managers who expressed that selling the collection is simple, easy and the beds feel great.”

“It’s amazing to see something so new that sells at a super high volume,” said Sweet Dreams manager Andrew Schlesser. “Right out of the gate it had momentum and that’s what we love to see with new product from Vegas [Market].”

Strong partnership is at the center of Englander’s new video series and wholesale webpage, which were designed to assure retailers of the company’s commitment to providing brick-and-mortar retailers with successful sales tools and margins.

“We’re searching for retailers who share our values and want a competitive edge, not a competitive threat,” explained Englander President and CEO Mark Kinsley.

Featured in one of the videos is Trent Ranburger, owner of Trent Bedding, a local celebrity retailer of sorts in Bowling Green, Ky. Ranburger is known for his unique marketing style and connection with the community. His store has been voted “Best of Bowling Green” for the last 10 years.

Of Englander’s commitment to brick and mortar retailers, Ranburger said, “I can’t compete against a manufacturer when they are selling online at a cheaper price, under a different name or style. It’s a lose-lose for the retailer. A lot of these big mattress companies have forgotten us retailers. Englander hasn’t forgotten us.”

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