Englander E-Gel Hybrid Delivers The Latest Cooling Technology

Offering new applications of the latest cooling and support technologies, Englander will debut its new E-Gel Hybrid at the summer Las Vegas Market. Retailing for $1,099 in queen, this new offering provides advanced temperature regulation and contouring comfort.

The new E-Gel Hybrid is made with the exclusive CoolBlue Sleep Technology, which features permanently bonded foam and gel cells. Additionally, the mattress includes hundreds of fully encased coils with perimeter edge reinforcement for extra support. By employing additional layers of infused memory foam, the enhanced hybrid model grants consumers comfortable sleep with reduced vibration and motion transfer.

“When it comes to the benefits of the hybrid mattress and a cool sleep experience, the consumer has spoken and told us they want both,” said Englander President, Kevin Toman. “The E-Gel Hybrid now delivers the support plus the CoolBlue Technology that has been integral in the success of the E-Gel from its initial launch.”

Designed to conform to the sleeper’s body shape for pressure point relief, the E-Gel material supports the entire length of the body without pressing back against it. Promoting proper spinal alignment with adaptive weight distribution throughout the body, it also absorbs pressure to isolate movement and encourage undisturbed, better sleep. The gel-infused foam in E-Gel creates a temperature regulating surface that delivers superior contouring benefits to help individuals fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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