Englander Delivers Cool, Supportive Sleep With New Hybrid Mattress

At the winter Las Vegas Market, Englander will unveil its ‘Nature’s Finest Hybrid’ mattress with Triple Choice Comfort. Designed to deliver continuous cooling comfort and targeted pressure relief, the new mattress is constructed with aluminum gel and copper-infused latex, plus two types of coil units engineered for superior, zoned support.

“Studies show that two key factors for quality sleep are proper spinal alignment and temperature regulation throughout the night,” said Kevin Toman, CEO of Englander. “Our new mattress focuses on those by combining two best-in-class coil units and materials with natural cooling and heat transfer properties.”

Nature’s Finest Hybrid offers coil-on-coil support with a five-zone wrapped coil unit, a 17-gauge Nano coil unit and copper-infused latex foam. By combining the multi-zoned coil and Nano coil units, the company aims to provide responsive support that adapts to individual body dimensions and weight distribution—delivering pressure relief where the body needs it and ensuring proper spinal alignment.

The one-inch foam encasement of aluminum gel-infused latex offers a durable, firm seating edge and 10% more sleep surface. According to Englander, tests have shown that the latex used in Nature’s Finest Hybrid is 35% more supportive than Talalay latex and provides six times more breathability than traditional memory foam. The infusion of aluminum gel and copper allow heat to transfer laterally through the latex while also resisting heat penetration, which results in more efficient cooling than non-infused latex.

Available in three firmness options, the Nature’s Finest Hybrid mattress will retail for $1,299 in queen. It also contains U.S.-made 100% pure latex that is anti-microbial and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified.

“We hear a lot about restorative sleep,” Toman noted. “Nature’s Finest Hybrid was built to deliver better than that—sleep that changes you, makes you feel like a new person in the morning.”

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