Eclipse Spotlights Exclusive, Patented Technologies In New Las Vegas Showroom

Eclipse International is returning to the Las Vegas Market, joining Eastman House in a brand new 2,500 square foot showroom that will showcase over two dozen of the “E” brands’ quality American-made mattresses. Veteran Las Vegas exhibitors, the companies are returning after a two-year hiatus with a new long-term showroom lease and a wide variety of exciting products on display.

For the summer market, the focus at Eclipse will be its unmatched features and technology. The company is unveiling the brand new Conformatic “Couples Choice.” A unique new concept, this technology offers a new take on personalization that allows multiple comfort variations for two individuals sharing a bed.

In addition to the new “Couples Choice” technology, the company will also be showcasing its full mattress line-up at market. With a comprehensive range of patented innovations and extensive clinical testing, Eclipse offers five unique mattress collections that come with substantial, scientifically-proven benefits.

Every mattress within its Royal, Conformatic, Perfection Rest, Contour Care and Health Sense series features advanced technologies that work together to create the optimum environment for supportive, health sleep. Armed with exclusive, worldwide patents, Eclipse offers truly differentiated products that help retailers set themselves apart from their competition.

The first exclusive feature found in Eclipse mattresses is the patented Zoned Quilt Technology. Using pre-compressed cushioning materials in the center lumbar region, this technology ensures additional support for the part of the bed where body impressions most commonly occur. By adding an additional layer of visco-elastic memory foam within this fortified region, the Zoned Quilt Technology delivers extra pressure point relief to further reduce back pain, stiffness and discomfort.

To further strengthen the lumbar region of the bed, Eclipse utilizes its patented Spinal Zone Sleep System. This unique system frames the innerspring system with an additional, slightly lighter border rod that attaches to the center third section of the springs. By once again reinforcing this section of the mattress, Eclipse effectively delivers enhanced back support and correct spinal alignment. Clinical research has proven that the Spinal Zone system significantly reduces back pain and stiffness and improves overall sleep quality.

All of Eclipse’s mattresses are backed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations’ “Seal Of Approval.” Formed in the late 1960’s, this non-profit organization remains devoted to the advancement of the chiropractic profession. As part of its mission, the Congress supports programs that promote back and spinal health—assigning its “Seal Of Approval” to products that meet its strict standards. This honor is an additional tool that helps retailers easily verify and communicate the benefits of an Eclipse mattress, underscoring the true value for the consumer.