Eclipse Showcases Its Seven-Brand Portfolio In New High Point Showroom

Eclipse International is returning to the High Point Market this spring, with a new 8,000-square-foot showroom. With the new exhibit space, which is 40 percent larger than its recently-expanded Las Vegas Market space, the company aims to broaden the dealer base for its seven-brand portfolio.

“Our return to High Point opens up our extensive brand lineup to a worldwide audience of furniture store buyers, designers and specialty retailers that see the market as a destination for new product,” said Stuart Carlitz, chief executive officer of Eclipse International. “It’s an outstanding, high-profile location that will help raise awareness of our brands and drive further growth of our business worldwide.”

The new showroom will accommodate models from each of its brands—Eclipse, Eastman House, Van Vorst, Ernest Hemingway, Pure Talalay Bliss, Velika and BIA— demonstrating the breadth and depth of its product offerings.

The latest additions to the Eclipse portfolio are two new Ernest Hemingway licensed collections. First debuted at the winter Las Vegas Market, the line-ups include the ultra-luxury Hemingway Classic Tradition Collection and the premium Earnest Hemingway Key West Collection. Retailing from $1,999 to $3,999 in queen, the Classic Tradition line is hand-tufted, with quilting layers made from New Zealand Wool and organic cotton and a five-zone, encased-coil innerspring unit with edge support system. Two of the designs also feature a two-inch layer of micro coils for added pressure relief and a Sensile-Respond comfort layer. The Key West Collection is geared towards younger consumers with a price point of $999 to $1,699. This line features a wrapped innerspring unit with eight-inch, foam-encased coils and is made with copper-infused latex to better conform to the sleeper’s body.

“As we continue to grow our collection of brands, we’re looking to strike partnerships with retailers looking for unique brands that offer healthy margins and protected distribution,” Carlitz said. “Combined with our Las Vegas Market showroom, which we recently doubled in size, we’re now positioned to offer our products to all major distribution channels.”