Eclipse Introduces “Bliss In A Box”

Offering Talalay latex in a boxed bed for the first time, Eclipse International is introducing “Bliss in a Box.” With an aggressive price point, the new boxed bed program retails at $1,399 in queen size.

Allowing the brand the ability to provide the product at a previously unreachably low price point, Bliss in a Box is made of three inches of high-quality, eco-friendly Talalay latex atop a 7-inch, 2.4 pound density polyurethane core. The mattress builds on the continued success of the Talalay Bliss line.

“Until now, quality Talalay latex mattresses were largely absent from the boxed bed business, and we are changing that with an innovative product at a very affordable price. Talalay latex is among the most expensive components used in mattresses today. Some of the best mattresses in the industry use either one inch or two inches of latex, and we stepped up to a full three inches of Talalay, the gold standard in the industry,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse. “We see more and more opportunity in the bed-in-a-box business, and Bliss in a Box gives our retail partners the ability to either stock the beds in their warehouse for easy cash and carry or Eclipse International will ship the beds directly to consumers. The boxed bed also gives us the ability to target a wider demographic, including younger consumers who are looking for convenience without sacrificing quality. The success of the Pure Talalay Bliss and Talalay Bliss lines show the need for latex in a boxed bed and we’re pleased to be able to offer our retailers and consumers a high-quality affordable option.”

In addition to the Talalay, the mattress features a Quilflex and Tencel cover that is soft, breathable and health-conscious to help protect against allergens. Packaged in a signature Talalay red box, the mattress can be shipped directly to consumers.

Designed to appeal to younger consumers who are interested in investing in Talalay latex, Bliss in a Box combines quality, the convenience of front door delivery and offers value at a lower price point.


About Eclipse International: North Brunswick, New Jersey-based Eclipse International has been making mattresses since 1866. Known for its design innovation in creating advanced sleep products, the company has an extensive global licensing network that distributes mattresses under seven brands – Eclipse, Eastman House, Van Vorst, Ernest Hemingway, Pure Talalay Bliss, Velika and BIA. A well-established leader in the bedding industry, Eclipse designs products crafted with high quality components, including latex, memory foam, gel and eco-friendly materials. The company holds a number of patents that deliver superb support throughout the product line. Today, the company has 77 licensees worldwide.