Eclipse International Unveils Collection Of Talalay-Rich Latex Beds

Eclipse International will offer a Talalay-rich latex mattress at price points as low as $1,299 in its new Talalay Bliss Collection at the summer Las Vegas Market. The four-bed collection is designed to make latex mattresses attainable for a new group of consumers that have been previously priced out of the company’s luxurious Pure Talalay Bliss lineup.

Building on the success of Eclipse’s partnership with Talalay Global and the launch of the all-latex Pure Talalay Bliss collection, the new hybrid Talalay Bliss mattresses is designed to deliver the benefits of latex at a more competitive price point. The beds feature luxurious Talalay in the tops of the mattress build but not throughout the entirety of the mattress, which allows for cost savings that can be passed onto the consumer. Offering a range of comfort feels without sacrificing quality, the beds still tout the performance, quality and health benefits—while the more price point will help retailers reach a larger number of consumers.

“In developing the new Talalay Bliss Collection, we paid particular attention to the construction so that the Talalay was at the top of the mattresses delivering the comfort, breathability and supportive benefit Talalay offers but at a much more aggressive price. The new collection opens the door to consumers who thought Talalay was cost prohibitive,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse.

Priced to retail from $1,299 to $1,999, the new collection also offers a choice of comfort feels – cushion firm or luxury firm – depending on the consumer’s preference.