Eclipse Expands Eastman House With New Hand-Tufted Collection

Eclipse International is heading to the fall High Point Market with two distinct mattress collections, each offering an in-demand value proposition. First, the company is expanding its Eastman House brand with the new mid-priced New Yorker Collection, offering hand-tufted mattress designs at an array of price points. Additionally, Eclipse is also building on its long affiliation with the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) by showcasing its new health-focused—and COCSA-endorsed—Wellness Collection.

Carrying retail price points of $999 to $1,699 in queen, the New Yorker Collection features hand tufting on all of the new models, reminiscent of the brand’s high-end Chittenden & Eastman lineup. The new line also features a pocketed coil innerspring unit and Sensile Response foam, a proprietary formula that is cool and breathable. The firm, plush and traditional knife-edge pillowtop models are hand-tufted, while the other hand-tufted entries feature Euro pillowtop designs.

“Hand tufting is a widely recognized symbol of elegance, and our newest collection delivers a luxurious look and feel at a great value,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and chief executive officer of Eclipse International. “The Eastman House line has always stood for quality craftmanship and value, and our extensive use of hand-tufted designs in recent years reinforces that message like never before. Our newest collection puts the spotlight on an under-served segment of the mid-priced market. Dealers can now offer outstanding values at healthy margins with hand-tufted designs.”

Mattress_Eclipse - Wellness CollectionIn addition to the New Yorker Collection, Eclipse will also be showcasing its new Wellness Collection. Endorsed by the COCSA, this four-mattress line was designed to support proper spine alignment during sleep. Each bed features pocketed coils with the company’s Spinal Zone zoned coil technology, which has been clinically shown to reduce back pain by ensuring proper spinal alignment. The Wellness Collection also includes Sensile Response Foam, and will be shown at market with a white cooling fabric accented with a blue border.

“Sleep health is a cornerstone of our product development process,” Carlitz explained. “Quality sleep is far more than the hours you sleep each night. Sleep can affect the body in a multitude of ways, and it’s our goal to give consumers a sleep experience that will reach farther than just the mattress. This collection brings awareness to the importance of sleep health and provides consumers with the proper spinal alignment and support for a healthier sleep that translates into a great day.”