Eastman House Debuts The Founders Collection Mattresses

Marking more than 150 years of mattress manufacturing, Eastman House will introduce its first collection of mattresses for retailers aiming to sell to the more socially conscious consumer. The mattress collection falls under its Chittenden & Eastman label. Paying homage to the brands’ founders, the Founders Collection builds on a legacy of crafting innovative mattresses with an eye toward luxurious sleep.

Founded in 1866 by G.M. Todd and H. Bailey, Chittenden & Eastman has been known as a go-to line for mattresses marketed as a healthier alternative. Hearkening back to that emphasis on healthy sleep, the Founders Collection is designed with natural materials, including organic wool and 100 percent natural Talalay latex, and shuns polyurethane foam for a more natural sleep experience.

“The Founders Collection follows the legacy of our founders who were focused on creating luxurious mattresses made with healthy materials,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eastman House. “We’ve implemented much of the innovation upon which our company was founded in developing this collection and selected best-in-breed materials to deliver the best sleep.”

The Founders Collection features seven different hybrid models made with hand-tufting, high-quality pocketed coils, buoyant layers of Talalay latex and an exclusive tri-zone Talalay latex with more support in the center where the body is heavier. Priced to retail at $2,499, the collection’s centerpiece model—the Masterpiece—sports a two-inch topper of natural latex for added comfort. Additionally, each offering features organic wool in a heavy-blistered, knit ticking for a natural cooling effect. Inspired by current trends in clothing and home interiors, the collection touts a classic look with a cover designed in egg shell, taupe and brown hues.

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