E.S. Kluft And Marshall Mattress Unveil The Largest Mattress Introduction In Company History

Expanding the offering of their most popular luxury mattress brands, E.S. Kluft & Company and Marshall Mattress will unveil their largest introduction ever at the Las Vegas Market, with more than 50 new models in four distinctive collections under the Aireloom, Kluft and Marshall Mattress brands. The two companies, owned by The Flex Group, joined forces last year as one organization, providing even more opportunities to offer their luxury mattress brands and best in class service throughout North America. 

“The introduction of these new collections is the culmination of nearly a year of development to assure we offer consumers the best handcrafted bedding products made with the highest quality natural materials,” said Magali Castillo, vice president of marketing for E.S. Kluft & Company. 


The Aireloom Preferred Collection has been revitalized with three distinctive lines rooted in the brand’s 80-year legacy of handcrafted design. Under the themes of Timeless Odyssey, Abstract Hues and Night Stars, the lines are designed to appeal to a broad range of consumers, whether they have a taste for a clean and modern look, an artistic aesthetic or a dramatic expression inspired by Hollywood glamour. 

Each of the new Aireloom Preferred lines features 10 beds, available in streamline and luxetop constructions and priced from $2,999 to $5,999 at retail. Each mattress contains the highest quality materials for superior support, air circulation and temperature management. 

The new lines also include the brand’s patented Aireloom Lift technology, which features a natural chamber between the springs and the mattress top to allow every element to breathe. When the chamber meets the layers of luxurious materials, the bed synchronizes with the user’s body, providing a feeling of lift for ultimate support and comfort. 

Additionally, four new mattress models will be introduced in the Aireloom Pacific Palisades collection. The collection’s signature handmade design includes fresh new fabrics, specialty foams and individually wrapped coil construction. Priced to retail from $1,999 to $2,799, the Aireloom Pacific Palisades collection is the opening price point for Aireloom, providing even more options for retailers to reach consumers interested in luxury products. 

Mattress_ES Kluft

E.S. Kluft & Company

The new Kluft national collection includes nine mattress models, each featuring the patented Kluft Standard construction. The collection is handcrafted with the finest natural materials such as cashmere, horsetail and organic cotton; it also features individually inserted hand tufts and nested pocket coil systems for maximum pressure relief, comfort and support.

Priced at retail from $5,999 to $19,499, the Kluft national collection is finished with exquisite Belgian Jacquard Damask covers for an elegant and sophisticated look. 

Mattress_Marshall Mattress

Marshall Mattress 

The new Marshall Mattress national collection includes nine beds with a modern rustic, Canadian chic look. Building on the brand’s legacy of more than 120 years, the collection is handcrafted using the finest natural materials and superior construction. It features the original patented Marshall pocket coil system, an innovation that set the future course for the mattress industry and remains the pinnacle choice for reliability and craftsmanship. True to its heritage, the new Marshall Mattress national collection is tailored to perfection to offer superior comfort. 


New marketing collateral will be available to retailers to support the launch of all of these new collections, including brochures, commercials, POP, digital assets and other new retail tools. 

“For our parent company The Flex Group, along with our North American luxury brands— Aireloom, Kluft and Marshall Mattress—these new product introductions add to our position as a leader in high-end bedding,” said Jon Stowe, managing director of E.S. Kluft & Company. “We’re looking forward to bringing retailers and luxury-minded consumers even more opportunities to find whatever they are looking for in luxury bedding products.” 


Visit kluftmattress.com, aireloom.com and marshallmattress.com