DUX Merges Luxury And IOT At CES 2020

DUX, Swedish luxury bedmaker, will launch its new DUX Element bed with the DUX Smart Module at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas  from January 7-10, 2020 in the Amazon Booth.

DUX Beds are hand-crafted to provide unparalleled sleeping conditions that are based on decades of research and testing. At CES 2020, DUX will merge its high-performance sleeping system and hand-crafted headboards with smart home technology to enable users to create the ultimate sleeping environment.

On display in the Amazon booth, The DUX Element, features an installed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker, the DUX Smart Module, that is Amazon Alexa compatible. Through the system, users have access to their home's IOT components that are synced with Amazon Alexa, can play music, and can create unique ambiances for their environment.

By syncing the DUX Smart Module to the DUX App, users can create automated environment settings that sync with other IOT devices in their smart homes. For example, users can set an "Evening Environment" triggered to launch at 8pm nightly where sleep sounds play from the DUX Smart module speaker, motion sensor lighting activates to illuminate the path to the bed, smart shades go down, and the home's thermostat adjusts to the preferred sleeping temperature.

"The DUX Bed is the heart of the bedroom," said Ed Curry, President of DUX North America. "It makes sense that it is now also the hub of the bedroom, where our customers can extend the luxury and comfort that DUX is known for to the rest of their room by automating their preferred ambiances."

The DUX Smart Module will be available at DUXIANA on select ecommerce-exclusive DUX Beds. Customers can individually craft the bed of their choice, with customizable options such as bed size, leg style, headboard style, and more.

Visit duxiana.com

About DUXIANA by DUX: For over 90 years, DUX has blended sleep science with world-class craftsmanship to deliver some of the most advanced beds available. DUX products are sold exclusively in the U.S. through DUXIANA, the brand's retail chain and ecommerce website.  For more information, visit duxiana.com, or one of its 22 North American stores.