Discover the Origin of the “Natural Sleep” Concept with Spaldin

By: Christopher Schriever

Spaldin, a worldwide pioneer in the use of fully certified human and ecologically safe materials is reaching out to retailers and other manufacturers in Las Vegas to build strategic partnerships by presenting their “Like-A-Womb” tested and certified “Natural Sleep” concepts to the US marketplace. Established in 2008, the “Natural Sleep” program offers high-value, clearly differentiated and fully-tested Spaldin certified products that include cutting-edge “Natural Sleep “ materials and designs.

“We are offering retailers and consumers proven, tested and documented sleep solutions based on our materials,“ says Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin. “Our idea is the concept of developing our mattress lines with the health, comfort and safety of a mother’s womb in mind. This is what directed us to our ’Natural Sleep’ idea.”

Valdemoros explained that Spaldin mimics nature by developing fully certified, non-toxic, eco-superior sleep systems whose design mechanisms allows the body to refresh, regenerate and rejuvenate itself while sleeping. Using clean, bio-based, advanced materials and design technologies, Spaldin mattresses allow for correct blood circulation and body temperature regulation, as well as superior ergonomic support and comfort for the human body.

With the written endorsements and support statements of third party international Institutes, Spaldin tests its “Natural Sleep” program and certifies it in three different categories. First, clean and safe environment as Spaldin’s processing and finished materials are fully Oekotex 100 certified as being totally free of any harmful substances such as VOCs or TDI.

Second, sleep comfort is measured. Spaldin mattresses are the first tested and ranked by their comfort grade in accordance with ISO 11092. These standards confirm the mattresses ability to maintain a comfortable body temperature while transporting perspiration away from the body quickly and effectively.

The third category that Spaldin tests is the mattress’ bio-content. Tested with the ASTM D6866, the standard used for testing and reporting bio-content by the USDA BioPreferred Program, Spaldin contributes to the sustainability of “nature,” which is the source of the company’s inspiration. This certification is accompanied by others such as GOTS, Green America, GreenGuard or the Sustainable Furnishing Council.

Valdemoros states, “Spaldin will stay ahead of the competition by investing in 2012 $1.5 million (USD) in research projects, devoted to developing technologies that the industry can use in 5 or 10 years. Similarly in 2001, we invested in our research projects with our introduction of the first line of Germany made mattresses with bio-based foams, and we will continue with improvements featuring scientific and human comfort advances.”

Valdemoros states that the “Natural Sleep” company will be highlighting three cutting edge technological advances. The S Tubes system, a complete, new way to design and construct mattresses, foundations (including motorized base systems) and pillows. This tubular construction system is unique and unmatchable in its breathability and ergonomics performance. The Spaldin tubes system is supported by the same 150,000 back specialists that certify back-friendly products from Mercedes Benz, Philips and Microsoft.

Spaldin will be also be showing their S DryFlow line, which is made using different layers of “Reticulated” Foam. This type of foam has been traditionally used for outdoor foam cushions as it dries almost immediately after exposure to rain, melting snow, morning dew, washing and other forms of moisture. The large open pores permit maximum water drainage and air circulation. Valdemoros states that this quick drying feature allows for use very quickly after being wet or saturated. It is more than twice as strong and durable as ordinary polyurethane foam.

In addition, Spaldin will introduce its S Climatic foam with gel insertions. This mattress features a layer of fresh foam and a MDI- plant based foam with gel insertions, tested as twice as breathable as other gels on the market by ISO4638, and then combines this with the comfort choice of the Talalay latex or the plant (bio-based) open cell memory foam.