Discover the High-tech Side of Spaldin’s “Natural Sleep”

At Las Vegas Market, Spaldin will introduce its newest products, maximizing its Thermal Comfort and Ergonomics technology. These key factors join the use of environmentally-friendly and fully certified healthy and safe materials to achieve the company’s “Natural Sleep” concept.

Spaldin will highlight two breakthrough products, Ergomatt and Thermomatt that utilize the company’s strategic investment in advanced foam technologies--Thermal Comfort and Ergonomics in space B-0226..

Ergomatt, a USA-patented mattress that maps a body shape and auto-regulates the pressure applied to each of its 12 zones and Thermomatt, an active Heating/Cooling mattress.

Thermomatt, with Systems Comfort ® technology, measures the temperature and the relative humidity of the bedroom and adjust to a temperature chosen by the user to maximize comfort. The user only needs to choose between three simple settings of heating or cooling and the system does the rest.

The system uses a closed circuit system consisting of highly elastic virtually invisible silicon pipes plus a remote controlled external unit. It requires zero maintenance and can achieve temperatures from 40°F to 115°F with the equivalent consumption to a 50 watt light bulb, which is a third of other technologies in the market. It is also virtually silent with noise levels under 22dBa.

“Among other foam collections, Spaldin will display the patent pending new Gemma™, featuring a gem-like consistent pentagonal-dodecahedron cell structure and the Ergoflow, which improves upon our original efforts in the use of foam springs (tubes) in a multi-zone core,” says Oscar Valdemoros, President of Spaldin.

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