Diamond Mattress Unveils New Patented Wrapped Coils System

Diamond Mattress, a producer of omni-channel sleep products, recently revealed its new patented wrapped coils system providing zoned support which will debut in a new mattress line at the winter Las Vegas Market in January 2019.

Touting nested springs configured in different orientations for multiple, zoned support, the new Diamond wrapped coils system was granted a patent earlier this year. By increasing the density of coils in areas that need more support and eliminating gaps between coils that are in the standard pocket coil design, the zones offer increased stability, said company officials.

“Our new patented wrapped coils system is presented at a terrific value thanks to a highly efficient design that not only provides 25 percent more support but is also extremely cost effective to manufacture,” said Shaun Pennington, Diamond Mattress president.

The patented system is being integrated in a new line of Diamond-branded mattresses for the upcoming winter Las Vegas Market. The advanced coil design will debut in four collections that are foam-encased and bed-in-a-box models.

When compared with other coil designs, the new beds—which use nested coils configured in a honeycomb-like pattern—provide better pressure relief, more back support, encourage proper spinal alignment and contour to individual body sizes and shapes.

Pennington added, “We believe the improved comfort benefits of this patented coil system provide quality sleep that allows us to be at our best each day.”

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About Diamond Mattress: Diamond Mattress is an innovative independently-owned company with a four-generation tradition of making mattresses in the U.S. Since 1946, Diamond has been committed to superior customer service with a focus on quality, value and promoting the importance of sleep and its impact on personal wellness and the ability to make a positive impact in the world.