Diamond Mattress Launches New Reflections Mattress

Diamond Mattress is heading to the summer Las Vegas Market with the debut of new, solution-focused sleep products. A vertically integrated manufacturer with 72 years’ experience, Diamond produces a wide range of bedding products that enable retailers to fill inventory gaps and achieve higher margins. At the summer market, the company will also introduce a new multi-dimensional strategy designed to help retailers create a more impactful consumer experience.

Diamond is introducing its new Reflections mattress collection at the summer market. Available in both a hybrid and all-foam version, the line is made with graphene memory foam technology to deliver more advanced temperature regulation. In addition to providing superior border support with edge-to-edge pocketed coils, the Reflections Hybrid Cooling model utilizes a quilted, conductive cool-to-the-touch fabric to draw heat away from the body. The Reflections All-Foam model is also encased in an active cooling textile to consistently regulate temperature—and features layers of graphene memory foam and gel memory foam around a high-density core. Both models retail for $1,199, ship nationwide to retailers and can be drop-shipped directly to the customer’s home.

“Our product innovation is focused on comfort and temperature regulation, which is a major piece of the sleep wellness puzzle,” said Diamond Mattress President, Shaun Pennington. “We’ve developed one of the most advanced temperature regulating materials available in the industry. We don’t use the topical applications used by many of our competitors. Our climate control technology is integrated into the fabric, comfort and support layers. It does not require excessive explanation or a ‘leap of faith.’ Your RSAs and customers will feel the differences the second they lie down.”

Diamond will also spotlight a broader product assortment and a new custom design program at market. The company has experienced tremendous growth this year with new custom solutions for its retail partners. In particular, the brand has seen increased demand in the performance sleep category, priced from $799 to $1,499 at retail, and the affordable luxury category, priced between $1,299 and $1,999.

“The reality is that retail is more challenging and unpredictable than ever, and everyone is facing pain points. Over-saturated and commoditized merchandising make it difficult for retailers to maintain margins and a competitive advantage,” said Steve Anderson, Vice President of Business Development. “Many of the top retailers in the country seeking to maintain relevance and increase market share have turned to us to create a program that is exclusive, exciting and new, and this is where we have seen massive growth and demand. With our extensive menu of innovative materials and flexible design, we tell retailers that if you can dream it, chances are we can make it.”

To help its retail partners further increase engagement, the brand is also focused on preparing retail sales associates with new resources to inspire and motivate the consumer. Its newest tool is the Diamond Mattress Experience Center, which immerses customers in a sensory airflow demonstration.

“The talk in our industry is heavy with ‘the guest experience’ and this takes it to another level,” Pennington explained. “We are fighting for the customers’ attention and need ways to get them excited about coming into the stores to experience the mattress and form trust in the retailer and the product.”

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