Demand For Intellibed’s Gelee Mattress Reflects Category Growth

Gelee, a new brand of innovative mattresses and accessories featuring Gel Matrix technology, provides an alternate competitive Gel Matrix solution to meet consumers’ appetite for the gel product category. Initial interest in the product line is surpassing all expectations due to its ability to meet the top three customer mattress needs. In a recent national survey deployed by Intellibed in partnership with Qualtrics, consumers listed comfort, affordability, and durability (in that order) as the three most important features when shopping for a mattress.

Gelee meets and exceeds these needs in the following ways:

  • Comfort: Designed to provide superior support and cushioning comfort, Gelee mattresses combine cutting edge Gel Matrix technology with traditional materials to provide the smartest—not to mention the most comfortable—gel hybrid mattresses on the market
  • Affordability: Gelee provides a competitive gel alternative in the low to mid-price band.  The unmatched Gel Matrix dynamically adapts to your body, and Gelee offers this technology at competitive prices—starting at just $1,599
  • Durability: Industry testing has shown that the Gel Matrix technology is the most durable material offered in mattresses. Gelee is also backed by a 10-year warranty, providing the utmost peace of mind

Gelee was recently introduced as a part of the Intellibed portfolio of sleep solutions. Given the vast retail footprint of Intellibed’s premium Gel Matrix mattress offerings, Gelee was brought to market to expand Gel Matrix into the broader consumer market at a lower price point.

“The market is showing spectacular interest in the gel category and especially sleep solutions that not only address consumers’ sleep needs but their budgets as well,” said Colin House, CEO of Intellibed. “Consumers now have a choice when evaluating products in the gel category and we are thrilled with the addition of Gelee™ with Gel Matrix® to our portfolio”.

Gelee makes aspirational mattresses attainable

Gelee mattresses make the aspirational attainable. The new line integrates Gel Matrix technology with traditional foam and coils to provide an unmatched hybrid mattress experience. Gelee ensures all consumer needs are met when they step onto the retail floor—and recent consumer and retailer interest in Gelee solutions proves that.

The Gelee collection features a good, better, and best offering—Gelee H2, Gelee H3, and Gelee H4—to give consumers a variety of options and provide retailers with a clear step-up positioning on the floor. Gelee is now available online or at partnering sleep retailers beginning with competitive prices ranging from $1,599-$2,599. 


About Gelee

Gelee™ with Gel Matrix®, from the makers of Intellibed, is an emerging brand, providing accessible and innovative sleep solutions designed to help all types of sleepers achieve a better night’s sleep. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gelee™ will be available online and at mattress retailers across North America, transforming the sleep retail experience with their smart hybrid Gel Matrix® mattress technology.