Customatic Partners With ICON Health & Fitness to Develop Advanced iFit Sleep System

Customatic Adjustable Bedz has partnered with ICON Health & Fitness Corp. to develop a collection of sleep products featuring iFit technology. A widely known phenomenon in the health and fitness craze, iFit products have gained popularity throughout the nation with innovative ways to track daily progress in sleep, food intake and exercise. Customatic will unveil the first mattress pad, mattress and adjustable bed base designed to complement and interface with the iFit system at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Each product in the iFit line-up incorporates sensors that continually scan the body during sleep to provide valuable information on heart rate, body motion, REM sleep cycles, length of sleep and body temperature. This data is monitored and stored in the iFit system app and used to help consumers discover new ways to improve sleep performance.

“With a technology platform as spectacular as iFit, it’s hard not be excited. iFit contributes to our constant growth in the category, advancement in the category and allows us to target new consumers,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil Sherman. “Today, being fit is everything. Some go to the gym, some diet, and now many log daily intakes and activities to keep track of their progress. These new iFit products provide a new twist by analyzing—or sensing—how one sleeps then adjusts accordingly to allow the body to improve the quality of sleep and even the ability to perform every day routines.”

The first of the iFit sleep products is a fitted mattress pad that features premium fabric designed to keep the body cool during sleep and provides surface protection from liquid, dust mites and bed bugs. The unique iFit mattress design was inspired by concepts used in ICON’s current exercise equipment. A comfort and support layer called “BodyShape” acts as a balanced support system that relieves body pressure similar to those found in high performance running shoes and cushioned treadmill tracks.

A new Customatic adjustable power base completes the iFit sleep product introduction and features specially designed technology that allows the user to customize their sleep position as the iFit system monitors the effects the adjustments have on their sleep quality. With a contemporary aesthetic, the base includes advanced features that are all controlled by the iFit system.

“By working with fitness industry leader ICON to engineer iFit sleep products, we are developing a niche sleep category that focuses on obtaining a healthy lifestyle that benefits the entire body, from aches and pains to valued rest and fitness,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil McCarty. “This new evolution with iFit provides better sleep, better health, and a better lifestyle while stressing the importance of sleep in daily health, fitness, productivity and enjoyment of life.”

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