Customatic Introduces Specialty Mattress That Delivers Complete Sensory Experience

Customatic Adjustable Bedz is “shaking up” the specialty bedding category with its new VibraSense mattress. Debuting at the Summer Las Vegas Market, this new system offers a complete sensory experience by combining synchronized sound technology and advanced massage features.

Customatic’s research and development team designed VibraSense to enhance the total bedroom experience. Studies have shown that people are doing much more than just sleeping in their bed today, with many consumers using it as a place to watch television, play video games and do homework. Tapping into its engineering prowess, Customatic enhanced VibraSense with top-quality speakers, Bluetooth integration and other technology to allow for complete connectivity with other devices.

“VibraSense adds a ‘wow factor’ in the bedroom,” explained Phil Sherman, managing partner of Customatic. “Imagine feeling the beat of the music or the tremor of an explosion while gaming or watching a favorite movie or television show. With VibraSense, you can become part of the action instead of an outside viewer. It’s truly remarkable.”

Priced to attract consumers at popular premium retail price points, VibraSense is the first in a series of planned introductions by Customatic that will deliver top-notch innovation and respond to the consumer demand for added creativity in the sleep products industry.

“Innovation is the only way for the industry to grow and offer more solutions for consumers,” said Roger E. Magowitz, Customatic executive vice president. “VibraSense is the IMAX of beds and delivers new experiences for consumers to interact with. It meets the most basic of marketing principles—give them a new reason to buy.”