Customatic Adjustable Bedz Unveils Adjustable-Friendly Mattress Division

Customatic Adjustable Bedz will unveil a new division and mattress brand, myContour, at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. The new line is the company’s first foray into mattresses specially designed to work with its extensive adjustable bed frame line.

The myContour collection will feature three models: the Custom Support Technology (CST), the Butterfly King and the INSPIRE. The new CST mattress provides a revolutionary sleeping experience that allows consumers to adjust the mattress’s support system with the push of a button. The CST uses the patented “PostureScan” technology to provide consumers with the ability to adjust from ultra-plush to extra firm support using a wireless hand remote. The CST mattress is hyper-responsive and conforms to every shape, size and body mass. PostureScan measures and calibrates by responding to the slightest pressure and cradles the body to achieve maximum, pressure-free support while allowing consumers to select personalized comfort levels.

The Butterfly King mattress is a unique sleep solution for those who share a king size bed on an adjustable bed frame. The mattress is split at the head and foot to offer sleep partners the opportunity to personalize their sleep while the center third remains adjoined. The independent flexibility of each side of the mattress provides a single sleep surface for couples without limiting or sacrificing adjustability and individual comfort preferences.

“For years the adjustable bed category has been faced with the challenge of providing customization for couples who sleep together. The solutions currently available are minimal, either offering synchronized bases to work together with a single king mattress or using two twin XL mattresses which causes a conflict for togetherness,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil McCarty. “Our Butterfly King offers today’s couples a solution with a single sleep surface while providing the freedom of individual customized adjustability when desired.”

The new INSPIRE mattress combines latex and memory foam comfort layers, creating a very unique feel that is similar to today’s popular Internet offerings yet provides greater value, quality and pricing in direct comparison.

“Our new ‘myContour’ brand enhances the retail floor because it’s about opening a new doorway to explore mattress advancements that give consumers new alternatives to better fit their personalized sleeping needs,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil Sherman. “We have made it possible for couples to sleep side by side and enjoy the full benefits an adjustable foundation has to offer without compromise.”