Customatic Adjustable Bedz Debuts New Therm-A-Sense Mattress

In response to consumers’ request for a climate control feature, Customatic Adjustable Bedz has developed a patented technology that will be introduced in its new Therm-a-Sense mattress. Offering the benefits of temperature control at the popular price point of $1,599 in queen, Therm-a-Sense will make its debut at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

The Therm-a-Sense mattresses operate via a remote control that allows consumers to determine their own settings for individualized comfort. The zoned construction enables users to specify separate settings for each side of the mattress, as well as for two separate body zones—upper and lower body—for the most customized temperature regulation available.

“The concept of temperature control isn’t new to the industry because research has documented that consumers want this feature,” said Phil Sherman, Managing Partner of Customatic Adjustable Bedz. “The question became, ‘At what cost?’ Prior attempts by other manufacturers proved to be too costly to attract the consumer. But Therm-a-Sense is based on a new, patented approach that we spent years developing. Those efforts have resulted in Customatic’s ability to provide a solution in the form of a simplified system that works extremely well, and one that we are able to bring to retail at an attractive price point.”

The initial Therm-a-Sense mattresses will be made of memory foam, which the company said would showcase the technology in the best way for consumers to become acquainted with the new system.

“Our mission at Customatic is not to jump on an industry bandwagon with copycat products; we focus on developing proprietary technology that creates new ways to sleep and making the best sleep solution available to a broader band of consumers,” Sherman continued. “With this new approach to temperature control, Therm-a-Sense becomes the first affordable mattress that provides continuous comfort—from the time you get in bed until the time you wake up.”