Creative Ticking Debuts Sport Support Concept Bed

Creative Ticking proudly debuted its Sport Support concept bed at the recent March 2016 ISPA EXPO. The bed showcases Creative Ticking’s capabilities in delivering innovative sleep solutions that pull from all facets of the textile industry. Designed for comfort and true performance, the Sport Support concept bed features two unique top-of-bed fabrications, Embrace and Air Vent, concepted by Creative Ticking and manufactured by parent company, Beverly Knits.

“The catalyst for the Sport Support concept bed was the design and technical abilities of modern day athletic wear,” said Constance Sousa, Director of Design and Merchandising at Creative Ticking

The Embrace technical fabric is true to its name, embracing the body at the moment of contact, creating a more supportive sleep experience. According to Sousa, “…The fabric is meant to envelope the skin and create a peaceful, cradling night’s sleep, something that a typical top-of-bed fabric doesn’t provide.”

The Air Vent technical fabric is part of the bed surface, allowing the core of the bed to breathe by letting more air permeate through the fabric, resulting in a more cooling sleep experience.

The Sport Support concept bed will be shown in black, white and lime green, and is meant to stand out on the show room floor. The vibrant border design and geometric pattern of the top of bed fabrics are reminiscent of those found on a running or athletic shoe, something from which Sousa and her team drew a large amount of inspiration.

“Thanks to our relationships with leading performance apparel brands through Beverly Knits, Creative Ticking was able to leverage knitting technology outside of the ticking world to create something truly unique,” said Dennis St. Louis, President of Creative Ticking. “The Sport Support concept bed is an excellent example of the capabilities that set us apart in the industry, and we plan on continuing to showcase new ideas that evolve from these key relationships moving forward.”