Corsicana Showcases An Array Of Refreshed Mattress Collections

Corsicana is spotlighting a wide range of unique mattress offerings at the summer Las Vegas Market. First, the company is unveiling its refreshed SleepInc. branded collection, which is made with innovative new materials that enhance the brand’s orientation as a value-priced line. The company will also be showcasing a redesigned American Bedding collection—in addition to highlighting the best-selling collections from Symbol Mattress, which Corsicana recently acquired earlier this year.

The SleepInc. Collection

Corsicana’s newly reconstructed 13-model SleepInc. grouping features new components and cover options – all of which are designed to improve overall sleep quality by providing enhanced support, pressure relief, improved spinal alignment, resistance to body impressions and a better night’s sleep for an affordable price. New models include a choice of all-foam, open coil or hybrid mattresses with feels from firm to plush in five-inch to 12-inch profile heights. The wallet-friendly pricing is coupled with the latest sleep enhancing components like gel-visco foam, open coils, pocketed coils.

“With this refresh, we have underscored Sleep Inc.’s orientation as a supplier of quality mattresses at affordable prices,” said Eric Jent, executive vice president of sales for Corsicana. “Sleep Inc.’s position is as a provider of quality and comfort at a great price, and we have made that message even stronger with this relaunching effort.”

The American Bedding Collection

Corsicana American Bedding Mattress CollectionWith consumer demand for its American Bedding brand on the rise, Corsicana is introducing a new six-model line-up of hybrid mattresses to the brand at the summer Las Vegas Market. This collection of reconstructed mattresses is made using new technologically-enhanced materials to provide consumers with a more restorative night’s sleep. It features foams and a coil system that together improve ergonomic support, enhance levels of comfort, furnish pressure relief and regulate body temperature during sleep.

“We felt that we could inject a lot of excitement into the brand with re-engineered builds which have qualities that enhance sleep and a coil system which provides edge-to-edge support, while keeping the products affordable,” said Jent. “With the launch of American Bedding’s new family of mattresses, we will further strengthen what is one of our signature brand offerings.”

When the company completes its reconfiguration of the collection, American Bedding will offer a range of feels from firm to plush in profile heights of nine to 11 inches. Corsicana has also refreshed the look of the covers on these new models, with custom-milled fabrics chosen for durability and added comfort. All the new mattress products are hand-crafted in America.

Symbol Mattress' Sleep Fresh & Tommie Copper Lines 

Following its acquisition of Symbol Mattress earlier this year, Corsicana is spotlighting the Sleep Fresh and Tommie Copper lines in its Las Vegas Market showroom. This move further solidifies Corsicana’s ‘House of Brands’ strategy by exposing Symbol’s existing collections to its national network of independent retailers.

“Over the last few months, one of our main goals was to help Symbol to grow nationally and fulfill the heavy demand for its key brands, like Tommie Copper and Sleep Fresh,” said, Mike Thompson, chief executive officer of Corsicana. “By incorporating the collections into our showroom, it allows for continued brand exposure as well as a chance for our retailers to add new, handcrafted in the USA products to their sales floor.”

Handcrafted in the USA, the Sleep Fresh hybrid mattresses feature contouring layers of gel-infused, zoned and high-density foam for cooler sleep and pressure relief. Each model includes a support system of 789 individually wrapped coils that are zoned for lumbar and perimeter support, motion reduction and maximum air flow. The line is also enhanced by a Sanitized treatment: a non-toxic, protective treatment proven effective against bacteria, microbes, mold, odors, dust mites and other allergens. Available in a medium firm feel, Sleep Fresh retails at $1,099 in queen.

The Tommie Copper collection offers a distinct level of compression targeted in five zones to provide compression support in areas that need it most, including the head and neck, shoulders, lumbar area, hips and legs. Each mattress features copper foam and Tommie Copper’s patented copper- and zinc-infused Znergy fabric for an antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-odor and moisture-wicking sleep surface. The collection is offered in all sizes at each of the three compression levels, with a retail price range of $999 to $1,799 in queen.