Corsicana Mattress Opens Innovation Center

Ratcheting up its commitment to research and development, Corsicana Mattress has opened an Innovation Center at its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The 8,400-square-foot facility – the first of its kind in the company’s 48-year history – will act as a hub for product development, as well as a site for evaluating mattress components such as springs, fabric, foam and other cushioning materials.

“A key element of our growth plan is a research and innovation effort that is unsurpassed by anyone competing at price points below $1,000, and this new facility is the heart of that effort,” said Michael Thompson, chief executive officer of Corsicana Mattress. “Our mantra to innovate our segment of the bedding category is a commitment to our retail partners and to consumers of our products. The Innovation Center will enable us to continue to deliver American-made products that provide a good night’s sleep at a great value.”

Designed to be a collaborative space, the center features an open-concept floor plan that facilitates hosting Corsicana’s retail partners alongside the company’s product development and marketing teams. The working laboratory houses space for testing existing components to insure they meet quality control standards, and allows for evaluating other materials the product development group is considering for new mattresses.

Long known as a supplier of private label products for retailers looking to carry a house brand, Corsicana is stepping up its game to also provide retailers branded bedding lines that offer a competitive edge in key price points.

“Strategic alliances are becoming more and more important in this business, and we value working hand-in-hand with our retail partners to give them a competitive advantage. Our new Innovation Center allows us to take that collaboration to a new level,” Thompson said.

A product showroom will remain at the company’s factory in nearby Corsicana, Texas.


Founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas, Corsicana Mattress now operates 10 factories across the country and has become one of the mattress industry’s largest manufacturers. The company offers a full range of promotional and step-up products that feature the latest in sleep technology, including innerspring, memory foam and hybrid models. The company also has a mattress-in-a-box line that simplifies delivery. Corsicana leverages its national manufacturing presence to provide industry-leading quality, value, delivery and customer service. Its mission is to provide hard-working Americans with innovative and affordable sleep products that improve their quality of life.